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Worse Than Erdos' Sense of Humour, 7 February 2016

Documentary about Paul Erdos, a Hungarian mathematician and a weirdo with the worst sense of humour ever. It's completely uninformative, but it doesn't strive to be anything more. Awful, awful stuff, almost no redeeming value.

However, there is the bit where he says that he has an abnormality, that he can't stand sexual pleasure, which is highly usable stuff to show the correlation between intelligence and dislike of sex. Also, there was a beautiful scene where we meet some Harvard math professors, a married couple, who provide Erdos with a shelter in the USA. The guy jumps on the trampoline, doing flips and stuff all the while being being dressed like you imagine a math professour being dressed. We see that scene through the basement window, where his Asian waifu and Erdos play ping pong. Glorious scene in this otherwise bad movie.

Made me put the Budapest Anonymus statue on the itinerary for a future Budapest trip.

Undergarment Twist Dancing Parties and Microfilm, 23 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Unexpectedly fun film, considering it's a crime movie with some action, from the sixties (the worst possible), and also from Hungary, which is not a country of fun movies.

Of course, the most important is the crazy jazz, twist dancing party scene where all the women show their undergarments, and even group sex is implied. Photos on the walls show breasts and even pubic hair, and a lady shows the rim of her stockings in a restaurant, an extremely sexy scene at the moment. The main actress suggests on a couple of occasions she's a really easy lady.

There are not a lot of gadgets, but there is of course a microfilm, and a cool scheme with the arrangement of the photographs in the shop window, by which they code the messages on the photos they give them to develop. The photo resembles a filled crossword puzzle, which means nothing, but when covered with a paper that has cut outs in a pattern of the photos in the shop window, the letters show a code.

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Plate of Pasta, 16 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

People burn and kill children in Nigeria because of the feces the writer Helen Ukpabio put in this movie, and preaches everywhere else. Basically, she says that even children can be witches. Which is nicely seen in scenes where children are teleported in a room of a father of one of them. With brilliant 1999 digital straight to video Nigerian special effect a plate of pasta is created on his back (while he's sleeping) and they eat it. Other stuff like an old lady who can tap her thigh three times and suddenly she has a big cock with which she rapes her daughter-in-law and displays her womb in the witches coven happen.

Most of the theater left and one old man fell asleep. It was boring only on occasion, and I laughed a lot. Copy was pristine as it can be considering what it was, and fortunately it was shown with subtitles, 'cause anyone who ever tried to see an Nigerian movie knows they are hard o understand.

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Connie Booth in sexy leather black suit and with a gun., 25 February 2011

John Cleese as Sherlock Holmes, actually his grandson, but all the same. The descendant of Professor Moriarty is threating to destroy civilization as we know it. And that's it I guess. John Cleese even irritated me, I was like "Hey pal, why you doing that, to me and to yourself, stop it!" Arthur Lowe as extremely unintelligent Dr. Watson is great. Considering it has not plot, the film should be funny. And it's not, and how it's not! Unbelievably unfunny, it gives the new meaning to unfunny. There's the unfunny so bad it's funny again, there's unfunny so bad that I feel embarrassment, there's unfunny that's irritating. This is weird, no emotion was awaken in me whatsoever. It's so unfunny I think it might be funny in the same unspecified way. There are a couple of racist jokes that are interesting to hear. Maybe a joke or two were regularly funny. The rest is weird. Poirot, James Bond i Columbo have some small screen time also, played by random actor of course. Only things that partially make this movie worthwhile are Arthur Lowe as Dr. Watson and Connie Booth in sexy leather black suit and with a gun.

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Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Sexy Witch, & A Ramshackle Bridge, 8 February 2011

Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman are crusaders, super friends, something like Gimli and Legolas. They kill for Jesus until they figure out they killed a whole town of women and children. They desert, come to a town struck with plague, get arrested. Christopher Lee as the sick cardinal gives them a redemption task to take the supposed witch who is to blame for the plague to a far off monastery where the monks have spells to end it all. Already a perfect movie, right? On the way they tackle challenges like crossing a ramshackle bridge and fighting off a pack of angry wolves. I wanted their travel never to end, I loved it. The no homo chemistry between Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman is brilliant, but there's no the so characteristic for the new movies bullshit where they hint about their adventure, laugh about it but we don't know what they're talking about. Their guide is played by Stephen Graham (Tommy from Snatch and one of the skinheads from This Is England), a the witch is superhot. I like the subtle sexual implications in the dialogues. The only thing that sucks was the ending, partly because of the CGI. But all in all an old school adventure, I like it, humour, action, adventure. I mean how can Dominic Sena not make a film with a heart after making Gone in 60 Seconds. I watched it in a theater, and the movie is so fun I didn't mind the retards behind me, bunch of arrogant kids in front of me and and a bunch of easily scared jailbaits at my side.

Destiny (1921)
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Flying Carpets and Transfiguration Spells, 8 February 2011

Watched it on the big screen, big happiness. I expected music, but there was none, was watching it in complete silence except for the humming of the projector. And the mumbles of the old guy who talked to himself. It was a little unusual at first, but perfect and beautiful. Death takes the life of a young man, and his girl goes to heaven hell limbo whatever and there gets three chances to save his life, saving either one of three lives. Every one of these stories is set in a different historic age and that tickled my love for the costumed period pieces. First part is the 1001 Night Persia with some impressive action sequences, second is the renaissance Venice, the least interesting or innovative part of the film, and the third is the ancient China, a comic segment with innocent racist depiction of Chinese people, perfect special effects, flying carpet, miniature army, biggest sword ever and transfiguration spells. The closing sequence is somewhat intense. Sets are not as artistic as in Caligari, but more than in Nosferatu. To compare it with two other German expressionist films I watched. Special effects are impressive, better then in some films made even 40 years later. Bernhard Goetzke (Death) is brilliant, so scary, charismatic, constant. The girl is tepid, no skill nor sex appeal.

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Breasts in a PG Movie, 7 February 2011

Aliens come in a space ship shaped like a V shaped guitar, in search of goof rock. That rock is actually gay Pia Zadora 80s pop, but hey. The come in a high school in a little city named Speelburgh, and there the main alien is in love with the main pussy (Pia Zadora). However, he has the coolest rockabilly boyfriend (Craig Sheffer, also a gang leader in The Road Killers) which is the best high school gang leader I ever saw on film. Aliens are looking for trouble, and he's gonna kick their ass. Perfect musical almost plot less. High school gangs, choreography with lowered panties, tits in a PG movie, robot alien who turns into a fire hydrant, aliens who don't fit in, rockabilly vs. gay rock battle of the bands Run DMC vs. Aerosmith style, Craig Sheffer too cool too be true, monster from the local radioactive lake, Michael Berryman (Pluto from The Hills Have Eyes) as a lunatic escaped from the local asylum rampaging around school with a chainsaw, but he's actually nice and hooks up with the school's sexy female greasemonkey, silly and lovable songs and choreography, perfect clothes, especially female, crew members being turned into people from toys via a machine, everything and all. Great movie.

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Best Mist Ever, 4 February 2011

Universal horror with Bela Lugosi playing a butler. He was always random to me, but I think I'm starting to like him. Mysterious murders are happening in a castle, the people get strangled, but there's a pool of blood near them. The big castlehouse is in a swamp. Best mist effect ever, pretty creepy. In the house live: paralyzed rich owner, his daughter who is treated by everyone like she's nuts but she might not be, always suspicious servants, while their guests are the tree doctors who saved and paralyzed the owner, the female psychiatrist invited by the daughter, horror story writer and later on a very charismatic and dryly humorous detective. But the most important guest is a mysterious Indian mystic played by the very handsome and charismatic actor Nils Asther, who can control matter on a cosmic particle level and materialize stuff like that. Supernatural whodunit. One maybe knows toward the end who did it, but not how. Alfred Hitchcock liked this movie a lot supposedly. The actors are all good, the atmosphere is good, never boring, shadow play is sometimes very good, always good and effective. the house interior is cool as it is. Of the actors I especially liked Ralph Morgan as the owner, Don Porter as the writer Dick Baldwin (it's funny because all Baldwins are dicks) i Nils Asther as Agor Singh. The latter is cool as he is, handsome, Porter is not really likable at first hand, but he's charming. Great film to watch at 2 am slightly drunk.

Collapsed Twin Towers, 2 February 2011

Thundarr and the gang are supposed to bring the mighty black pearl somewhere so that the men people can be mighty again and resist evil Groundlings, the rat people. They fight rat people who drive motorcycles (or as Thundarr says motorsteeds) and have laser guns, medieval looking knights also with laser guns. When the rats fail, the wizard Gemini comes and makes the fallen Statue of Liberty alive, and it shoots flames from the torch. Epic fight. Ookla throes cars, breaks helicopters, falls from the top of the Statue of Liberty without being hurt. Ariel makes magic bridges and gets imprisoned. Cool first episode. There's also one scene of collapsed Twin Towers. Funny stuff.

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Flamethrower Armed Tanks vs. The Blob, 2 February 2011

Italian blob horror science fiction. Unfortunately I had a bad full screen copy, but it was great nevertheless. Based on a Mexican legend, Caltiki is a Mayan goddess who has sex with a creature from the sky. Here it's nicely put in the sf, where Caltiki is a twenty million years old giant one cell organism, and the creature in the sky is a meteor whose radiation is making it grow. It has everything, sexy dances of hot Mexican girls, gory scenes of faces and hands barred to the bone by acid, underwater scenes with skeletons and Indian treasure, explosions, 50s computers which calculate age of anything. Furthermore, our hero, played pretty good by British theater actor John Merivale, while hurrying home to save his wife and child from the ever growing blob gets arrested for speeding and has to escape from jail. At the end it's flamethrower armed tanks vs. the blob. All that in 70 minutes, so it's not your average slow 50s American science fiction horror, it's fast paced and never boring. But it's nicely shot also, and that's no wonder since the main photographer, and allegedly de facto director, is Mario Bava. Daniela Rocca is extra hot. Really fun, fast paced, smart camera.

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