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Kylie Ultimately at her best, 2 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Once again proving she's at her best we open with a brilliant intro with Spinning Around closely followed by a newish track of the time In Your Eyes from the then upcoming Fever Album (Eye Candy for the Girls out there in this one)A few questions later from the audience and we're back in swing with an oldie Step Back In Time then again a few questions and a well done mini Locomotion helped by guests from the audience. Next things become a little more intimate for an outstanding performance of the 1989 hit Especially For You boasting a special guest appearance from Kermit The Frog. I should be So Lucky in ballad form and a West End rendition of Better The Devil You Know partnered well with Adam Garcia another ultimate professional(extremely beautiful to the eye too I might add). Another step back in years now for a brilliant show of my personal favourite Put Yourself In My Place and then after a brief chat with Julian Clary we're into another new track Fever again from the then upcoming album of the same name. Can't Get You Out Of My Head great from start to finish then to round off the evening a brilliant Medley of older tracks for everyone to sing along. What Do I Have To Do, Shocked, Never Too Late, Wouldn't Change A Thing and the finale of both the Medley and the evening Celebration. A truly outstanding performance from start to finish, professional, well presented and thoroughly entertaining throughout. My advice is if you haven't seen it yet YOU NEED TOO and quick, you're seriously depriving yourself if you don't. The 10 rating I gave it at the start doesn't really seem that fair should be more like a 100 rating. No need to ask if I'm a Kylie Fan is there?