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3/4 of a successful tour, 24 November 2005

I am a huge stand-up comedy buff and instantly recognized all 4 comedians involved when I saw the preview on the digital cable box. I knew that three out of the four comedians were hilarious and Maria is not. The problem is that she just has one voice and tries to rely on that to be funny. Sadly there is a lack of material or any real comic timing on her part. The other 3 never fail to deliver, especially my favorite out of the bunch Zach Galifianakis. The best part of the documentary is the on-stage stuff, which is what makes this movie as enjoyable as it is. The off-stage stuff is a mixed bag. Some of the scenes, like where the 3 male comedians are discussing puns using the word "bear" are extremely hysterical. Once again, Maria's scenes end up more disturbing than humorous. It ruins couple-of-comedians-hanging-out vibe that the rest of the off stage stuff is like. You end up feeling more concerned about her mental health than thinking she is funny. Also, there is a lot of time spent establishing that they are some very nerdy guys. Which doesn't end up that entertaining. If a the tour was a little bit longer (for some more material to be captured) and the editing a little bit better the movie could have easily made it to 9 out of 10. Be warned, the movie gets a bit odd and pervish at the end. The comedians appear to lose their minds, which must've involved some drug use that we never see. However, there is some of the crude material that is genuinely funny. It is what really makes Patton and Brian's political jokes work. In conclusion, the stand-up receives a 9 out of 10 and the off-stage gets 8 out of 10 and Maria subtracts some points away. If you are not a fan of crude material, you shouldn't watch this movie.