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A vast improvement upon the original. Still not a notch on films like "Porky's" though..., 24 February 2006

American pie 2 succeeds because all the soppy, sentimental slop from the first is absent. But one of the main problems with this film is that all the ridiculous, poorly developed character who serve as nothing but filler are still very much in place,. I mean, what on earth is Nadia doing in this film? She was a one dimensional character to begin with, and the ringed every possible gag from her already, so why bother to include her in the movie? A lot of the film is filled with problems like that, but at the end of the day it has enough funny bits still included to actually be very funny! The scene where the two girls make the guys kiss is the best in this average film!

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What on earth went wrong? This film fails at everything!!, 24 February 2006

For starters, it is completely unoriginal, attempting to borrow from such movie as Get Shorty, Lock Stock and two smoking barrels and so forth. Even though it blatantly steals ideas and concepts from them, it still fails because the plot is so incoherent with no leading character. It is an ensemble cast, and no single character gets enough screen time for the audience to feel emotionally attached to a particular person. The plot makes no sense at all, but the writer seems to be revelling in his self-proclaimed brilliance through the inclusion of many in jokes that the cast seem to find funny, injokes that just leave the audience confused and bored. The 90 minutes plus running time seems like hours for this dull crime comedy that fails at everything it attempts to do.

Wimbledon (2004)
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Cinema has officially plunged to uncharted depths. The worst "romantic comedy" in history!, 24 February 2006

Wimbledon has absolutely nothing going for it. Sans Kirsten Dunst and Sam Neill it has a no-name cast, a completely ridiculous, clichéd boring plot and poorly developed characters. Trying all too hard to be in the same light as films like "Notting Hill", the first mistake this film makes is delivering completely implausible situations for the two leads to meet under, and a completely contrived romance that somehow stems from that. The antagonist in this film is not developed enough, nor is the lead's parents, who switch character in every scene they are in, ranging from kooky mysterious folks a little on the warped side to down and out parents pathetically trying to relive their youth through their offspring. Sam Neill starts off in the film as a bad guy, a father who refuses to allow the romance to stem between his daughter and the protagonist, to a supporting father who supports it. What stems his change of heart is never explained, nor are most of the ridiculous aspects of this movie. Boring and bland, this film should not be viewed by anyone.

"Cheers" (1982)
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Greatest sitcom of all time!, 24 February 2006

Cheers is timeless! You would imagine a show about people sitting around a bar getting drunk would be morbidly depressing, but nothing could be farther from the truth when it came to Cheers! A happy, optimistic, brilliant sitcom about real people and real situations in this glorious situation comedy! Shelley Long was the true highlight of this show, and her uptight, neurotic, Diane Chambers carried virtually every single episode, and when she left the show went downhill! It was still great, but nothing could ever compensate for Diane! A great show, this sitcom will remain for years! It just gets better and better every time you watch it!

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Worth seeing on the strength of Bruce Willis' truly unique performance alone!, 24 February 2006

Bruce Willis usually gets typecast as a strong, macho man so it was such a surprise to see him play an introspective, under the thumb wimp in this movie, in one of his best performances! Willis easily outshines both Streep and Hawn in this movie. This is a pure black comedy, a brilliant social satire on society's obsession with beauty and the sheer lengths some people will go to to ensure that they are continually perceived by others in the most attractive light possible. Truly a once in a lifetime experience this movie, with Bruce Willis giving one of his most underrated performances ever! You'll laugh and be horrified at the same time, which is an extremely difficult feat, which was only pulled off by a skilled writer and director.

Election (1999)
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The most wonderful, brilliant, innovative social satire ever filmed!, 24 February 2006

The writer of this film notched onto a great idea. Attack the corruption of contemporary politics, but to avoid any backlash, he set all the back-stabbing and hatred in a typical High School. The end result is an amazing film that you cannot take your eyes off.

Reese Witherspoon plays the pro-active Tracey Flick, a real go-getter who wants to achieve the world, and in her own mind set it does not matter who she steps over to achieve her goal because the end justifies the means. Witherspoon is perfect as the neurotic Flick, hot off a High School sex scandal, who is trying to start over and win afresh.

Jessica Campbell as the apathetic Tammy really shines throughout. She is the high point of the film. Apart from being dead set gorgeous, she is a truly talented, amazing young star who should use this film as a showcase of her amazing talent.

An exceptional film, not to be missed. It's real strength is the fact that despite being a satire on contemporary politics it also entertains throughout, and if you put your brain on hold you can avoid thinking to much about the symbolism contained within and just have a great time and the fictionalised world the writer has created for us.

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A prime example of a low budget shocker that succeeds due to a fantastic script and top performances!, 24 February 2006

"The Thing from another world" is the pinnacle of 1950s horror movies. It is not one of those cheap exploitation pictures that cashed in on the publics fear of atomic energy, no, this film actually takes itself seriously and manages to scare the hell out of the audience in the process. So many future sci-fi/horror movies were influenced by this one, most notably the original "Alien". Gorgeous production design and great performances help to carry the story along, a story that concerns an isolated arctic base and the people there who have to deal with a very unwelcome visitor. Definitely holds your suspense throughout. The zenith of all horror movies to come out of the fifties

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Excruciating! An awful serial that leaves nothing to the imagination!, 24 February 2006

there is no suspense in this serial! When one episode ends the acting is so shoddy, the effects are so poor and the script is so awful that the last thing on your mind is how Batman and Robin will save the day. No, in fact, the last thing on your mind is watching the next episode! This show is so boring that I can't see how it ever got made, let alone released on DVD! Obviously the effects are not up to par with contemporary Batman films, but even the script is awful. An incoherent babbling mess about some evil professor and a ray gun or something like that, I am not quite sure, because it is too awful to follow. Watch the 60s version, or the 90's versions, or even Batman Begins, just anything over this version!

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Dean ain't Marlon Brando, but he's great in his own right! A great film!, 24 February 2006

It is a cop-out to view this film in light of the three main actors tragic deaths, that came well before their time. Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood and of course James Dean all seemed destined for great things, and this film truly showcases what phenomenal talent and dramatic prowess the three of them possessed. This film is a landmark movie in so many ways it is virtually impossible to cover all of its bases in one short review. What can be said about it? It was the first film to portray teenagers from well to do families as also being deeply unhappy. Prior to this movie, all movies that portrayed restless youth were always from the "slums", which is why they were going against the law. Not in this movie - the neglect of Jim Stark's parents causes his unhappiness. What else can be said - this film features an absolutely phenomenal performance by dean - he was truly destined for stardom. Sal Mineo is outstanding as Jim best friend, Plato, who may or may not be a homosexual, as the film hints at. This film is a landmark in so many ways it really can't be expressed in words - you just have to see it for yourself.

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I love it! It just gets better every time you see it!, 24 February 2006

"The Lost World" is beautifully crafted and perfect! Just perfect! Lewis Stone is perfectly cast as the hero who goes to the island on a rescue mission, only to be attacked by legions of dinosaurs! The dinosaurs look beautiful, and the stop motion animation is simply marvellous! Lewis Stone is certainly in a different role to Judge Hardy, but he pulls it off well! The effects are to die for, and the script is perfect! The inter titles explain everything well, but the acting is just so great that they are not even necessary! It is just perfect! While it not be as grand as films like "Jurassic Park" once you see it in its full historical context, you see just how brilliant it really is!

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