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Shadow People (2013/II)
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Interesting to watch despite bad acting., 27 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was an interesting little movie.

The acting was pretty B grade, and that's probably putting it nicely, and I'm not sure why they added the sub plot of the separated family, but the subject matter was interesting enough that I kept watching despite all that.

And yes, I did get the shivers more than once and hope that I won't be thinking about this movie when I go to sleep tonight!!!

It's also making me want to research it more, to see if this really did happen...

Although I notice at the end they say the radio guy died in 2010, and the question arises, well why didn't the shadow men come for him seeing as he was thinking about them oh so much???

But nevertheless, interesting to watch despite it's flaws...

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Only one person acted in this movie, 25 May 2013

This movie could have been good.

I loved Ben Kingsley in it. He was the only person who acted.

At first I thought the actors were actually trying to look stilted and awkward and were purposely trying to deliver their lines in that horrible manner. It felt like they were literally reading their lines from the script....

I soon learned, no, they were just all bad actors... apart from Ben K that is...

Very disappointing.

The story itself was great though.

This could have been a much better movie.

The Sunset Limited (2011) (TV)
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Don't waste your time., 11 March 2013

I normally enjoy this type of movie... almost as if you're watching a stage play, but I couldn't get into this one because the dialogue was so unrealistic. The arguments the Christian's character was giving was so shallow and circular that I was getting too frustrated watching it!!

And I kept watching because I thought there may be some kind of twist to it where in the end, the atheist realises he's the maker of his own destiny and the Christian realises he's living life with a crutch and that's a poor excuse for a life... but no...

Nothing was to be learned from this movie. It was a waste of time and what a shame because with those two great actors it could have been something special.

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why, 22 February 2013

I don't understand why these type of movies get made. What type? The ones with bad writing and bad direction.

The concept was a great one but it was so poorly executed that it did more against the cause it was trying to give awareness to.

Nobody in this movie was likable.

The only reason I watched to the end was because I kept thinking of all the people who'd spend time on this movie and wanted to respect that... but this movie should never have been made.

One thing I will say in it's favour though was that the music was fantastic... But please, don't waste your time or your brain cells watching this movie that is NOT funny, and NOT quirky. a high school drama production could have done better.

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Despite Kristen Stewart..., 29 July 2012

I had delayed going to see this movie because Kristen Stewart was in it. I mean she plays every character exactly the same and I didn't want to see the same performance yet again. I so so so wish they had cast someone else in this role.

I also expected the Snow White character to be far more beautiful than both the little and adult Snow White's where.

By far, the stand out performance was Charlize Theron. She was just amazing and it's worth seeing this movie just for her performance. There were a few problems with plot along the way but I turned my brain off and just watched what was a very pretty movie to watch. Cinematography was brilliant.

Bottom line, if you're like me and not seeing this movie simply because Kristen is in it, then don't let that stop you. Really enjoyed it and will definitely see it again soon.

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High Emotions - Uncomfortable scenes - Wonderfully executed, 23 March 2011

There were so many things to like about this movie and so many talking points.

While the movie was a little too stereo typed for my liking, stereo types exist for a reason.

I thought the Porter side of the story was extremely well done. Wendy Porter played the abused wife brilliantly, acting as abused and battered women often do.

I was perplexed as to why Wendy would want her biological son to live with her though. Perhaps the fact that her husband wanted the boy influenced her. After all, what is in the best interest of the child? What they went through with the boy, and their experiences was so well done it was very difficult to watch.

The Campbell's were the boy's adoptive parents and they were portrayed as such the perfect family, that you couldn't help but want the boy to stay with them. I found the way they acted, especially the way Holly Campbell reacted was a little too unrealistic but then again, I've never been in the position of potentially losing my child.

This is a powerful movie. Definitely one to stir the emotions.