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A very funny movie
16 July 2017
Didn't expect to laugh as much as I did. Somehow the movie managed to balance romance, drama and faith, and still have several laugh out loud moments. Although the main character is a man who prays and has faith, this is a funny romantic comedy that really should appeal to everyone. From the opening sequence, you are hooked as to where its going, and the movie makes sure you have a great time along the way. There are so many fun characters sprinkled along the way, that you can't help but fall in love with this movie, and its message. Make sure you try to see it. It will deliver.
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10 August 2016
Caught the movie on DVD. The film does a great job pulling the viewer in with the setup - a prominent businessman's daughter is murdered, and a team of detectives, on a rainy night, must figure it out through interrogations and flash-backs.

Cast was really good. The especially the detectives and Portia. They all do a good job building suspense. Even when I thought it was obvious, I wasn't too sure up until the end. Liked it a lot.

Felt the movie was original. Even for a mystery, it stayed away from a lot of clichés, and the ending left me wanting a sequel. If you can see this movie somewhere, I highly recommend.
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5 July 2013
I tend to side with critics often, and usually find they are on target - case in point- Man of Steel - which I had the highest of hopes for, and felt it was mediocre at best. So, I went in to Lone Ranger with low expectations based on reviews I had read from the so called experts. I was a fan of the series as a kid. Was not sure what to expect from this. Well, This is the Lone Ranger movie for the 21st century. It was fantastic. What movie did these critics watch? It set a perfect tone. Depp was terrific. Hammer was pitch perfect - he became grew to be the Lone Ranger. It left me wanting more, and movies rarely do that for me. Spread the word of mouth - we need this movie to have legs so we get a much deserved sequel. Trust me, its GREAT. And my 7 y/o son loved it just as much.
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