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So here is a list of my favourite movies.
I have a pretty mainstream taste i movies i think. I am trying to broaden my viewing, have discovered lately that there are some good Asian movies, and especially Korean movies.
I have a soft spot for science fiction, fantasy, kung fu and animation/anime, but watches all genres.
I do not have a definitive first choice or a top ten for that matter, but would probably go with my nr. 1 or 2 most of the time when asked.
So the list is not in any specific order.
Please feel free to comment on my list, and give me recommendations one films you think I might like.
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My take on the beautiful actresses.
So after seeing through some lists by other people.
I found that I wanted to make my own.
I thought that I make it a top 100. There are so many beautiful actresses that I figured that I`d better keep it to a 100.
The nr .1 and 2 spot, is the on`s I find myself coming back if asked, or thinking on ho I think is the most beautiful actress.
The rest of the list is not in any specific order, though I have moved some I think are exceptionally good looking towards the top.

Feel free to comment the list, it`s most likely that I have mist some one, or maybe there are some that I haven seen or heard of.

It`s still a work in progress.