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The Greatest Television Show Of All Time!, 3 February 2006

ONE LIFE TO LIVE on ABC, Brought to you by the Colgate-Palmolive Company, is the BEST TV show, or soap opera, that has EVER been on the air. Two O' Clock P.M. has always been my favorite hour in the day; the one hour that I can be in Llanview, and check in on everyone... Viki, Bo, Asa, Dorian, Nora... If there was no ONE LIFE TO LIVE I would be much less happy. The stories are always intriguing and never boring. Even after nearly 38 years, the story lines are as fresh and exciting as they were in 1968. Agnes Nixon is a pure genius for creating such a gem in the realm of television. One Life To Live is perfect in every way. Its actors are superb; Erika Slezak has won more Emmys for her role as Victoria Lord Riley Burke Riley Buchannon Buchannon Davidson than any other actor in the history of television. The theme to One Life To Live as well as the other music by David Nitctern is magnificent too. Always tune in at 2:00 EST to ABC to watch One Life To Live.

Checkout (2002)
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When the ex-Fiancée of a Supermarket worker comes and becomes his boss, love is rekindled and sparks fly!, 29 August 2005

I can only say wonderful things about this film! When a local supermarket worker, Nick, who has been a hard worker for years looses his promotion to his ex-fiancé who suddenly blows into town,his love for her and anger for stealing his job make a wonderful cliché. I don't want to give anything away, so I will just say this: From the first scene to the last it is non stop enjoyment! Burt Young is the highlight of this film and it will appeal to people of all ages! I have this on DVD and think so should everyone else! So when you go to a video store, why not check out CheckOut? You will not be disappointed! The supporting cast, however not as famous as Burt Young, also bring this film together to make it become an instant classic.