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A Great Introduction to the World of Bond, 28 September 2006

Taken for what it was - a look back at some of Bond's greatest moments, this show really succeeds. Made for broadcast television, this was approached as a typical "sitcom-type" retrospective episode. It seems to be meant for for a casual James Bond observer or the completely ignorant, like I was at the time (and 13 too). This worked wonderfully as an advertisement of the franchise as a whole. It introduces the character of Bond, and many of the women, gadgets and villains Bond has crossed paths with.

That said, this will offer no new information to someone who has seen all of the movies. There is nothing new here. In todays world of featurettes and retrospectives on every DVD, this program seems outdated. But by the standards of the day, this was a great way to get caught up on the spy you had (or hadn't) been watching in the theatres.

After watching this program, I went out and watched every other Bond movie I could find. I am still a fan today. So, I guess the show served it's purpose.

They aren't good 'ol boys at all anymore, 2 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I was a kid I always thought that the reason Boss Hogg and Roscoe hated the Dukes was because they drove too fast and got into fights. It was always clear cut to me that the Dukes were the "Good Guys", and the Boss' men were the "Bad Guys". This movie blurs the line as much as it can. The Dukes are funny, but not likable. You don't cheer for them so much as cheer against Boss Hogg and his bunch. Upon hearing the cast list and the reviews of the movie I expected the worst. I avoided watching it until it appeared on the movie station for free. I enjoyed it despite myself. What you need to do is suspend any expectation that this movie is the same as the television show. It is a movie containing familiar named characters, and a few good moments of nostalgia, and THE CAR. It is not a rehash of the television show. But for that matter, if the show was to be made today in the "Jackass" generation, what would it be like?