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Started good, finishing slow, 3 March 2007

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I couldn't wait for Dangerous when I first saw the ads on Fox8. It looked fast, hard and slick. The first three or so episodes didn't disappoint, and introduced the gang of four (Dean, EC, Joe and Riz), and the minor characters who propel their lives. Donna, on a mission to find out what she can of ram raiding (a term used to describe ramming into free standing ATMs and hauling them off) gets caught up in the excitement of the jobs and becomes attracted to Dean. Therein lies the main story.

Detective Mark Fields is the cop trying to do the gang in, and is one of the more evolved characters on the show, starting as your average cop, then slowly revealing his ulterior motives and bad side, ending in a showdown with Dean in the 7th episode. Around the third episode, we're introduced to Craig, a supervillian of sorts on Sydney's streets. Dean's contracted with him after stealing his car, and has to do a variety of jobs for him.

The story revolves around Dean, and throughout the 8 episode arc viewers are shown the full extent of his personality, his weaknesses, and comes full circle to being just a kid with no idea what he's doing. Donna and Craig act as his angel and devil respectively, pulling him either way. On his back his Detective Fields, continually chasing him.

The writers, once around the 5th episode, drop the ram raiding story lines, and instead go for the Romeo and Juliet storyline, with Donna and Dean trying to just be together with no complications. At this point, the show is considerably slower, with much less action. The 8th episode needs to end with a bang, otherwise the series will go out with a whimper, which really does no justice to the extreme premise and start that it had.

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Piece of teen stereotyped rubbish, 8 September 2006

Almost as bad a Date Movie. Almost. At least this was a semi-original plot.

See this movie only if it's the last one on earth. The acting is terrible, the jokes are 3rd grade at best. This movie is NOT worth seeing just because Metcalfe is in it. He had a good plot in Desperate Housewives, but honestly, weren't you just sick of his constant "Mrs Solice"-ing all the time? This movie is a real stereotype of boys and girls. Boys portrayed as man-whores, girls portrayed as little bitching sluts. There is no real, 3 dimensional character in this movie.

One for the dog's dinner.