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Exactly how it was in real life...
19 April 2011
Good news and bad at the same time: this film is mostly understandable for the Hungarian (or Eastern-European) viewers. It depicts perfectly the Hungarian way of thinking of the era, the fact that we could never really enjoy what we had and "worked like animals" just to save a few forints. This is the generation of my parents so I have seen many such characters around me - many unfinished houses, many human wrecks and failed education for the children. I heard the same lines and words in my real life, this film was like hearing them again but seeing it all from outside so you can understand what lies beneath these sentences just because you are suddenly outside of the situation and not involved in it.

These are the people you see on the Italian or Greek beach but never enjoying a coffee at a local bar but who prefer to bring bottled water and beer with themselves on the bus - just to save a few forints again. I am sorry for this generation because they truly worked hard through their lives and still could be happy only for some minutes.
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