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Sabotage (2014)
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The passionless movie, 6 April 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was a waste of my Saturday night as well as money. The story line was very disconnected and you did not really care much about the main characters. Arnold sensitivity was down right unbelievable. I cannot believe Sam Worthington was involved in this crap since I know he can do better however, he was the best actor in this film.

The action was pretty gory, some bawdy jokes that were predictable. The best line came from Arnold when he says to the FBI investigator, "look at you with your 40% body fat.' After that they were few and few in between. Arnold trying to be sexy was a joke. I did not feel the passion between him and the female investigator whom Arnold was using for his personal gain.

Question, Arnold's wife and only child were taking hostage by a drug cartel with the eventual death of his wife. There was no mentioned of his son and how he died or whether he was still a prisoner. Isn't that strange?

This movie was about revenge done poorly and it had potential initially but was lost in the first few minutes. This was about avarice and the repercussions of it from DEA perspective. I think if we the movie goers had the opportunity to remake this film we could have done a better job!

Please stay away, this script should have been rewritten before filming began, I was taught long time ago in English class a story must have a begin, middle and end and that it must be cohesive. Please stay away and I spoke to a few movie goers like myself who were very disappointed and that we should have just stayed home or it should have been released to direct DVD.

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Dying young, 16 May 2008

Every time this movie comes on television, I sit in my bedroom and watch it from start to finish as if it was the first time I've seen it. It is a film that focuses on a man, Victor (Campbell) dying of leukemia and his internal struggles of wanting to be carefree and wanting total companionship from the Hillary (Roberts), the woman he hires to take care of him. Eventually, Victor wishes that he could be well so that Hillary can look at him in a different light; however, Victor cannot see pass his disease to allow anyone to be in his life including his dad and Hillary. He abruptly stops his chemotherapy to go live life and die; however, he does not seem to be living it since he so competitive and wanting to be better than anyone else. You want Victor to be cured of the disease and you want him to be less envious of the well people and to stop worrying about death and just live, which is the whole message of the film. Don't be afraid of death since we all will eventually die and no one knows exact time when death will wrapped them in his arm, which is a very powerful message. Great acting from Campbell and Julia. Great cast. Please watch this film and formulate your own opions.

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The women's murder club, 12 October 2007

This show looks promising although their usually aren't any good shows on Friday nights. The show revolves around four career women, one a DA,homicide detective,a medical examiner and lastly a young reporter who works together to solve murders. It is a show about women and me as a female makes me feel that I too can roll with the big boys. Angie Harmon is married to her job and we learn that her job interfered with her marriage, which ultimately ended it. Now, her ex-husband comes back to town after a 2-year absence and to her dismayed he is now her lieutenant whom she is avoiding. Her character is still in love with him and you can obviously see that he too although he is engaged to be married to a school teacher. The DA character is in a relationship with a doctor who appears to be head over healed in love with her, but she has reservation. We learn that she is having an affair with the defense attorney who sees the true her. The medical examiner we learned is the level-headed one whose family oriented and the one who gives advice when nobody wants it. We find out as the pilot progressed that she is married with children and her husband is in a wheelchair; possible mysteries is what causes his paralysis and whether that him being in a wheelchair caused her to take a special interest in investing crimes or whether he was a former detective. The reporter appears to have a photographic memory and the other women appears to be reluctant to let her in in their secret club; however, it appears that she is going to have to prove to them that she can be one of them. The DA, the homicide detective and the medical examiner appears to be best friends who don't really talk much about their personal feelings except if it's work related; however, they each get each other and knows when one of them need comfort or when they need to back off.

The writings and dialogues need to get sharper. I think this show shows promise and it worth seeing after watching the pilot episode and hopefully the show does not disappoint me. This is a lifetime type of dramady; however, the scripts and acting is way much better.

A cool, dry place, 10 October 2007

I recently saw this movie and I was not expecting it to be a good movie since it was given 2 1/2 stars and since Vince Vaughn I felt was an over-rated actor who is in the spotlight for more of his personal life than his acting. I actually liked this film and I thought that the acting was superb especially Vince Vaugn and the little boy who played his 5 year old son Calvin. Vince Vaughn played the part of a devoted, hardworking single father whose life is on the up again with the possibility of a better job at a top rated firm, new girlfriend when his wife who unexpectedly left him and his child 18 months ago suddenly reappeared into his life. He is confused and not sure whether he wants to have a relationship with his wife whom he sees is trying to be a part of their son's life or be with Joey Lauren's Adams character since it is a budding romance and there is much uncertainty.

The theme of this film is simple but may hold true to a lot of people who thinks that their life would be much better if they had the dream job and failing to see that what they have currently is ideal too. The protagonist realized that when he had to make the life changing decision whether he should take the Dallas job which would mean that he would not be able to take care of his son or settle with his current job at the small town law firm in Kansas. He also learned not to blame his son for his career not moving in the direction that he wanted it to be. Once again, the acting was superb and the theme is something I feel that many people will be able to relate to which is to appreciate what you have and don't blame other people if your life don't turn out the way that you imagine. This is a film resonate with me and that I will definitely see it again. This is Vince Vaughn best acting work since I think that he got away from the dramatic role for more of the slapstick type of comedy. I think that Vaughn is a better acting in my eyes from seeing this film.

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the sunchasers, 19 March 2007

I loved this film. It is a profoundly deep and moving. This is a film that I don't get tired of watching. It touches the cores of your heart. The story involved a dying man (played by Seda) who kidnaps a self absorbed doctor (played by Harrelson)and along the way they both go through this journey of self discovery. I get emotional toward the end of this film and I think that it is beautifully acted and not well filmed, but sometimes you have to look pass that and see the overall message of the film, which the director was able to put forth. I highly recommend this film. I think this is one Harrelson best film that I have seen him in and Jon Seda shows that he has potential to be a great actor due to his fine acting in this film.

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men in trees, 13 January 2007

When this show first came out, I thought that it was going to be dumb and full of cliché and i did not think that it was going to last very long. I thought that it would be canceled after the first episode, but I was wrong. I found myself watching the pilot because there was nothing good on TV. Then, I found myself watching it the second week and so on. I found myself relating to these various characters. It became one of the few shows on television that I made it a point to watch. I was hoping that ABC would try there best not to cancel this promising show. ABC gave them a chance by putting the show right after Grey's Anatomy (show I personally love).

The characters are quirky and lovable after you watch just one episode you will be a fan. I was not particular a Helen Heche fan, but I became one after watching this show. The guy that plays Jack is sexy, sensitive and seems to get Marin (Heche). I just hope that the writers don't drag their love affair.

Gattaca (1997)
Gattaca, 30 October 2006

Great and powerful film! This is one of my favorite film of all time. I can watch this film over and over again and continue to be amazed. This film is about a young man named Vincent Freeman who is played by Ethan Hawke who was born genetically inferior to his younger brother Anton. He is a love child who was conceived in the back of his parents car when he was born his parents were told that he would not live longer than 32 years of age and that he had a heart condition. The generation that he lived in many of the children were born via in vitro fertilization and the parents chose what trait they want to see in their children like either they want them to be athletic, artistic, tall, the shade of eyes, color of hair and etc. So, his parents after he was born did not want to take the chance of having a child like Vincent so they decided to go to an in vitro fertilization clinic and have the perfect genetic son. When Vincent was born, his father was so ashamed of his son genetic inferiority that he blatantly chose not to name him after himself instead he named his second child after him. Vincent as a teen wanted to be an astronaut and dreamed of flying in space, but new that with his genetic inferiority and heart condition that it would not be possible. Throughout his childhood, he was treated by his parents as sickly and got sick of it. One day, he and his brother always played this swimming game who can go further without getting tired and Vincent always lost to his brother, but he finally won. So, after beating his brother, he runs away from home and realized that although his brother is genetically superior to him, he is not as weak as he was led to believed. Vincent meets Tony shaloub character who is willing to give young Vincent the opportunity to fly in space by devising a scheme that involves Vincent taking over Jude Law's character Jerome Eugene Morrow identity in return Vincent takes care of Law who is crippled after botched suicide attempt. Eugene is genetically superior to Vincent. Majority of the film involves Vincent trying to be inconspicuous, him and Eugene working together like Eugene giving him his hair, urine samples and Vincent scrubbing himself ritually so his DNA is not found in the facility. Vincent works hard and finally gets selected to fly into space, but Tony Shaloub's character gets murdered and the race is to find who did it and Vincent's DNA is found in the facility while he is trying to stay in the background and do the job that he loves. He is a suspect and the detective running the investigation is his younger brother Anton whom he has not seen since he left home. The overwhelming theme of this film is whether genetic perfection is right and should we put the laws of God into scientist hands? Is having a genetic flaw a reason to be discriminated against? Should we allow our handicap to hold us back? Well, Vincent did not so should he be praised or punished for his deceptions? The acting was superb! I became a big Jude Law fan after seeing this film. It is one of his best works. I was always an Ethan Hawke fan growing up and he did not disappoint me at all. This is the film where he and Uma first met. The chemistry between them in the film is great. If you have not seen this movie it is a good film to rent or better yet it is a great film to have in your movie library. This movie deserved some accolades, but was overshadowed by other good films that was released that year.

Just Friends (2005/I)
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Just friends, 28 October 2006

This film was horrible from beginning to end. It was one big cliché type of film. Boy in-love with his best friend who sees him as just a "friend." He decides to tell how he feels in her year book and her year book lands in her high school boyfriends hand who reads the message to their peers at a party that was being thrown for her by their mutual friends. He was so embarrassed that she only saw him as friend that he runs away for ten years never to be heard from except from family. He comes back to his home town in New Jersey and is proud that he is a success and that he is hanging out with top name celebrities in the music industry. Now that he is a success, he wants to use that to get the girl to sleep with him since he has become a ladies man since he left high school. Now he finds himself reverting back to the shy, nerdy teen that he was and finds that it is hard for him to convince her that he wants to be more than a friend to her. This movie is one bad roller coaster on him trying so hard to convince her and himself that he will prevail and finally have sex with Smart's character. The screen play sucks and the acting was not stellar at all. I don't even think I laughed once while watching this film. I kept thinking while I was watching it at home that it would get better; unfortunately it was a total waste of my time. This film was supposed to be a comedy, but I was not laughing at all. This is the worst film that Ryan Reynold has starred in so far and I thought that he was a pretty decent actor until this film. If you want to see a movie with similar theme, then rent the movie that stars Jennifer love Hewitt and Ethan Embry in "Can't Hardly Wait." the acting was a lot better and funnier. "Just friends" did not make the cut for me and I think you will feel the same way when you watch this absolutely disaster of a film. And we all know that he gets the girl anyway!

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The Departed, 16 October 2006

Great film! The film is very funny and you can hear the laughter in the theater with the numerous raunchy jokes made by Nicholson, Baldwin, Walberg and even Dicaprio. This was an all star cast and the film was beautifully acted. Martin Scorse shows why he is a great director because he kept me surprised throughout the film. What you expect to happen does not happen. This is a film that kept me entertained throughout and I don't regret going. the best gangster movie I've seen in years. Leonardo Dicaprio deserves some type of nominations for best actor for this film because the emotions he brought to this role was better than great. Seeing the transformation in his character due to the circumstances that he is forced to partake in makes him a hell of an actor that is deserving of a golden globe or Oscar nomination.