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Cursed (2005)
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Hey there lil' red riding hood!!!, 27 August 2005

Wes Cravens Cursed starring the man from Dawsons Creek Mr. Joshua Jackson, Christina Ricci from the drama Monster, Jesse Eisenberg M. Night's The Village. What a great werewolf movie. Wes Craven really knows how to please me. I'm rating this high for many reasons I love werewolf's and I love Werewolf's. Plus Shannon Elizabeth and Mya die what more do you want really. Those to are annoying by themselves putting them together in a movie is suicide but Craven like always recovers perfectly by killing them off quickly and very violently. My thought's on the PG-13 rating well what i have to say about that contains vulgar language so I'll stay away. But the unrated version damn it delivers big time. The killing scenes the graphics man they are just Beautiful. The acting is quite good I think, details on the werewolf are amazing plus I like how he doesn't show all of the werewolf at the first it leads the viewers on and keeps them thinking. Amazing movie to add to my ever growing werewolf DVD collection. Wes Craven is a pure genius.

Old School (2003)
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How can you not like this??, 27 August 2005

Frank (Will Ferrell), Beenie (Vince Vaughn) and Mitch (Luke Wilson) three men who form a fraternity to legally stay in the house Mitch just purchased. This movie is jam packed with endless comedy of course it's Will Ferrell you can't help but laugh at the dude every time you see him. Old School when it hit DVD was the number one rented movie in North America thats quiet good for a movie anyone barely heard of when it first came out. But this movie caught the eyes of many fans. It should have a higher rating but I guess some people thought it was average. but to tell the truth it kicked some major comedy's to the curve. Not using so much of a teenage scene they conquered the mix of adulthood with college students forming a fan base for both a younger and older audience. By younger I mean 16 and up but usually movies either aim for 16 to 25 years of age. But this movie provides an entertainment that everyone can enjoy yes even your grandma. This movie definitely deserves a 10 and I have the power to do that. Buy this movie for god sakes it's a great movie to add to the comedy collection.

Mean Girls (2004)
Lohan? No Ms. McAdams? Yes, 27 August 2005

One of them school movies that you need to like. This movie actually showed what it truly is like or what they were told it was like and they exploited it. But if I remember correctly it has only been 2 years since high school, even my school had there own plastics. Believe me they were quiet beautiful but also and bunch of A-holes. But anyway enough of my personal life back to the movie. A great movie not a fan of Lindsay Lohan but Rachael I'm quiet in love with. I read some of the comments made on this movie and I'm quiet surprised to see that it's rated quiet high. This site is amazing rating wise although they people are quiet harsh towards some classical horror movies. The acting was good what I expected for a Lohan movie. But the plot was quiet perfect great job. A movie that needs to be added to your shelf. Go buy it NOW.

A rush of feelings and mushy emotions to the head!!!!, 27 August 2005

Emotional is not enough to show what happened to me when I watched this movie. The acting was amazing Ryan Gosling opened up and Rachael McAdams well this is another movie added to her fine looking acting future. A romance that keeps your heart bounding every minute. But I never did get how she lost her memory i know she had some disorder to the brain but did they ever tell how she got it? Please someone help me there if possible. Anyway The Notebook definitely has to be one of my favorite romances of all time. Even though I'm not a fan this movie turned me back to the genre. If only there were more movies like this. When you get a chance if you haven't seen it please see it. The ending will blow your mind.

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Could this be the number one divine comedy of the comedy pile?, 27 August 2005

When this movie was released in theaters I never knew what to expect. With movies such as Old School, Dodgeball, Anchorman, Starsky and Hutch and Meet the Parents I knew I was in for quiet the laughing experience. But when I seen this movie in theater I went crazy I couldn't stop laughing threw the whole movie. Everything that Vince or Owen said was funny to me. Obviously the romantic parts weren't funny but you would be surprised what people would complain about to bring down a movie in some negative way. But with Rachael McAdams in the fold how can you bring it down. The girl is beautiful and her career has exploded. But anyway Wedding Crashers is definitely the comedy of the year maybe even the best comedy of are time. If you get a chance please soon as possible see this movie I seen it in theater 3 times and believe me it was worth every 10 dollar bill.