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Star Trek (2009)
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A reboot done right?, 23 November 2009

The new star trek was a major surprise, with fantastic pacing, acting and special effects, this turned out to be the first real blockbuster of 09.

In a mediocre summer that 09 was, this film stood out by being inspired and never too stupid or too clever, the basic tone is something like a star wars film.

That was the way to go, the story focuses on the origins of the star trek characters from the original series, and the cast is fantastic with Chris Pine being my favorite.

Not always perfect, but it actually does get better with multiple viewings and you can look over the plot flaws in the film, you end up loving the flaws.

I promise if you ride along with this baby than you will have one great time, worth even owning and watching a lot, I am excited for this cast and crew to take me into a new franchise.

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Being dumped sucks., 6 October 2009

I suppose we have all wanted love or have been lonely many times In our lives, but the truth Is that we must play these up and downs games with life.

I watched 500 days of summer after a pretty major breakup, and I can tell you that It helped, this movie makes us think about all the right and wrong things we do.

Relationships aren't always meant to last, and perhaps some of us start to take things too seriously, but never have I seen a movie that captures a guy so well.

Not a man or some Hollywood Image, but the lead Character Tom Is the person you know you are, the one who wants to die when his love goes against him again.

Wonderful chemistry between the two leads and dialog push this movie to high levels, It may not be perfect because It tries a little to hard to be original.

The editing and the pacing Is off, but you really don't care by the end because everything made so much sense, this Is a hard film to watch because It feels like life.

Life can be a painful thing, but 500 days of summer helps you remember that It's beautiful sometimes and thinking straight always helps.

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Pretty bad and the director sucks., 22 April 2009

This 4th film in the X-Men franchise should of been pretty good, the mistakes with the 3rd film are understandable considering the change of directors and writers.But the studio had a chance to take a fresh stab at it with a new crew for Wolverine's movie, the problem is that fox got a bad director and writers on this movie and the final product is nothing less of awful.The film has a cast that isn't really great but none of the actors are bad actors, Hugh Jackman has been fine as the main character before and the supporting players are all decent enough actors for a summer blockbuster but the problem isn't really the acting.But the writing of the characters and what the actors have to do with them, the cheesy moments and bad dialog that they have to say must of been hard for the actors and there is few really good scenes in the movie.

The movie pretty much fails with it's opening and ending, the only decent thing about the film is Sabertooth and perhaps getting to see some other characters.But the really fault with this film isn't exactly the story itself or the producers, but I want to put the blame on director Gavin Hood who has pretty much no experience to make a high level blockbuster.It was a risk by the studio to hire him and sometimes that works, and it isn't like because he made this bad movie that he is going to make nothing but bad movies.David Fincher made alien 3, then went on to make nothing but good movies after that terrible film, perhaps Gavin just wasn't given enough to work with on Wolverine.

The movie is poorly shot, edited and paced, the tone is wrong and it just isn't a very well made film from a technical or artistic standpoint but it also fails at being fun.A movie dosen't have to be well made to be enjoyable, it could have good special effects and action scenes to keep you enjoying the film and make it worth the time and money.Wolverine happens to be boring and terrible as a action film, every time something good is happening it ends up being pretty lame and the fights themselves are not very memorable or special.

Remember the liberty island fights in x-men?Or the great night crawler whitehouse scene in x2?Nothing like that here, just a lot of cheap looking images and bad direction, save your money and time and just don't see this movie.

Wolverine, I wish I could give you the claw middle finger.

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Perhaps the best film of 08., 26 January 2009

Waltz with bashir is something that is hard to forget, while the images grab you first it is the wonderful story and direction here that keeps things at a high level.While the flashback scenes are much better then the real time stuff, there is really no flaw to this film for 90 minutes and that is really saying something in today's film world where perfection is low.I wouldn't say this movie is the best of the year by far, but it could be argued and the movie has some of the most wonderful scenes I have seen in any film including a waltz with gunfire that is oh so memorable.Or the iconic image of men in the ocean looking to the sky, the soundtrack is wonderful with music from Bach and you really feel like there was good writers, directors and producers on this whole thing that made it moving, original and something to really spend some time watching.

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A very romantic and violent film., 31 January 2008

This film has a great sorta love story between a young girl and a man in his 40's, jean reno is a great actor and really find the exact perfect role in Leon.Natalie portman is as good as kid actors can get in this movie, and the film is directed very well with some nice shots and angles.The story isn't too complicated but a cool one, and the movie has some big action scenes that I think really standout as far as action films go.The professional is a film about someone who never has known much about love or feelings for someone else, and someone who knows how to give love but dosen't get it from others and deserves it so much.I really love the french style look of this film, it isn't perfect sometimes but it is mostly a fine film and a lot of people love it, for the style of the film and the real charm it has in some scenes.

One of the most enjoyable and pure films ever made., 25 January 2008

I find films like this very enjoyable, the ones that deal with death and people trying to go on with living and having more problems as they go along.This film is so true and real, the story is excellent and the cast is great with some very good directing by Redford and just the overall feel of this movie is something amazing.It's a feeling that only a few films have captured, five easy pieces being one and the feeling is something of a entertainment while you are seeing tragedy.Kinda like a john Irving book, where there is such horrible things going on and people having to deal with them and yet you find yourself very happy and that is because the film or the book is done so good that no matter what happens it will be great.This is also do to the characters in ordinary people, who are just ordinary people that have the problems we all have and feel the emptiness we all do sometimes.When a writer or director can capture that it's great, and ordinary people is one of the best examples at how that is executed almost perfect.

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This is a perfect movie., 23 January 2008

I saw this in the theater and didn't know what it would be like, I had seen the TV spots and became very interested in the film for the comedy shown on TV.But little did I know this was a masterpiece, I liked Rushmore a lot but this movie is a classic that someone like Scorsese or Kubrick might of made at a time, but this movie has it's own style and is very original.This is everything I want from a movie, the story is like a john Irving book and the look is like a great painting that really captures moments and places.Wes Anderson shows genius in this film, he is underrated and if anyone dosen't like this movie then they just don't know what good is.The cast is all great, the screenplay is hilarious and serious but the drama works and the directing by Wes is Oscar worthy in my eyes.This is a movie that I didn't want to end, I wanted it to be 3 hours and just keep going because Wes found a style and it's perfect.Credit also Owen Wilson who wrote the screenplay with Wes, the film has so much talent everywhere that it reminds you of great films that had perfection everywhere like the godfather or Hannah and her sisters.Watch this movie and watch it again, it's a movie that can be watched many times and seems like it's a great book but it turns out it isn't based off a book but a original story and that is amazing.When you feel like you are watching a great book, this is a great movie and I think everyone in film schools should watch it to see what true art is.

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No it dosen't suck., 18 January 2008

I remember hearing about the trailer of the movie and everyone was asking questions, so I found out all I could and over time became another nerd wanting to to know.Well the movie is called cloverfield and I'd say it's a winner, a lot of the early reviews I read were mixed but I think the movie was very good at what it wanted to do.It was very intense for some scenes and visually nice, the story is simple yet very effective at times and a lot of stuff is a little hard to enjoy because it's just a bunch of stupid 20 something's talking.But once the monster attacks, it gets good and stays good for the rest of the movie and the I wasn't really disappointed or blown away.It is a theater experience and a event everyone should go see, I was in a packed theater and that made it even better and when the film ended I felt very satisfied and the movie stays with you.Just go see it and have a good time, this movie is a pretty good time and it isn't too long or boring and keeps your happy most of the runtime.

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This movie is good but in a weird way., 3 January 2008

I recently watched I'm not there and this movie isn't done in a way that really makes sense sometimes or flows, but after the first 10 minutes you really understand what is happening.This movie has differen't stories from differen't characters that come in and differen't times, and they all have something to do with bob Dylan's life.I thought the movie was gonna show one story at a time, but they show one for like 5 minutes then another one and comeback to it later and sometimes only show a clip for it for a few seconds.This is done in a very art-house style and is for fans of the genre, it isn't abstract crap like some movies but actually has some great scenes that are visually wonderful.Some scenes play like Fellini's 81/2 and this movie feels like a foreign film a lot of the time but the characters speak English.This movie is far from perfect for my taste and I am not a huge Dylan fan but I respect him a lot, the movie pretty much does a good job at pulling you into it and you go for a ride.It's well made and the acting is good all around, don't watch the movie if you don't like art type films or movies that focus on characters and out of place scenes that are put there for a visual purpose.It's a cool flick and I think a lot of people can respect it, it's nice to see something original and not in some movie formula like a lot of Hollywood blockbusters we get these days.

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I don't know how someone couldn't like it., 30 October 2007

I saw the trailer to this film and got really excited but then the film got mixed reviews and I was worried, but this movie is one of the best of 07 and one of the best musicals I have ever seen.If you love the Beatles or the 60's this movie is for you, the story is actually good and the acting is also much better then one would think from such unknown actors but they all do good.I went with 2 other people and one was my father who grew up in that time and the movie made him remember some stuff, and the music works because the Beatles represent that time and period of the world.This film looks good and sounds good, I hate when the Beatles are sung by other people but somehow this film didn't bother me.I also was surprised how I got into the love story of the film, don't let anyone tell you it was disappointing or bad because you need to make that choice yourself.Also do not wait for the DVD, this is a theater experience and if you see it on a DVD you will miss the joy of seeing this on the big screen.Go see this movie, tell others to see it and make sure to just set back and get into everything that is going on and you will have a great time.

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