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a Most Fun pirate movie good for kids of all ages, 25 August 2005

No more likable character than a little red-headed girl who lives alone in a huge old house with her tons of pirate booty. Pippi and her friends Tommy and Anaka get swept away. Their usual activities plundering the local candy shop and in general being small town terrors fly out the door as Pippi gets a message in a bottle and must scramble to find action and adventure on the high seas fighting bad pirates. Pippi's supernatural abilities (high strength, and magic engineering skills) certainly place it in the "fantasy" genre, especially for young children.

Certainly a very good "pirate" movie, and one which is okay for children. Perhaps adults place it in the comedy genre but I personally think it is one of the best pirate movies available. Also see Treasure Island and Sinbad movies if you like this.

This trilogy of movies needs to be converted to DVD.