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Skyline (2010)
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An intelligent Scifi that doesn't cater to the crowd, 17 November 2010

After reading so many negative reviews I was actually considering not going to watch it....

I was expecting the worst I even took my android phone in case it was really bad and I could of played a couple of games.

This film doesn't follow the Hollywood method it doesn't have a normal ending, characters are not printed on politically correct paper.

I found the reactions of the people involved to be realistic, normal people with small minds and grasping to small problems in a situation they have no control over..

A humankind shown to be 99.999% normal petty and none heroic.

We watch so many films that follow a formula that show man out to be this amazing being who always survives always wins we are so use to being saved and its not really true is it ? We don't have a ace pilot or elitist hacker we don't have a superhero to fix it all, we be in trouble if something more advanced than us comes to play.

To me this makes it an awesome film and strangely I found the rest of the people in the cinema of the same mind as soon as the film finished people I didn't know started discussing it as a bit of fresh air.

If you like your films like independence day or Armageddon or any film where humankind are groomed and praised where a prayer to the gods or a speech by the president saves the day then you probably won't like this movie.

I look forward to seeing skyline 2

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Excellent British Horror, 15 December 2009

Surprisingly good for a low budget horror believable cast and interesting tech story will definitely recommend it to my friends who are both gamers and horror fans.

In an age where gore and cheap copies seem to be the mainstay where special effects and big names are all that seem to matter, this film was well paced and enjoyable.

It was also nice to have a film that didn't believe it needed to be two plus hours long.

If you want a horror film that caters to both gamers and fans of the genre and you can take it for what it is British indie horror movie then I hope like me you will enjoy watching.

Will definitely be keeping an eye on the people who made this.

Seed (2006)
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Excellent film worth a watch., 9 April 2008

While this film as all films has flaws, I ignored the negative comments and score on IMDb and actually sat down with my wife to watch it.

It was both disturbing and unusual, a very fresh take on a stale genre.

From the opening scenes of mutilation of animals which both disturbed and got your attention, to the purposeful way the main antagonist is kept in the shadows.

This is not a film for those who enjoy being spoon fed all the answers, this film mechanic works best as a very personal experience different depending on your own outlook on life.

As for Uwe Boll there seems to be an almost legendary hatred of him which I don't understand at all, He isn't the worst or the best but the kind of people who spout this negative vitriol have neither the talent nor time to write or produce movies.

My advice actually watch the movie.