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No Bo Selecta, 29 August 2005

It's sad to see that Leigh Francis feels he needs to branch into a new comedy medium because he failed miserably. I never really liked the Bear but this was just unforgivably bad. The acting was horrible, and its sad to see Patsy Kensit stooping so low till by the end of it, she has to kiss the bell end of the Bear's infamous erection.

I thought Bo Selecta 1 and 2 were fantastically original and hilarious. Bo Selecta 3, with a new format change, just didn't live up to expectations and again was a big disappointment. From there, I thought Leigh would learn from his mistakes, and resurrect the old format that worked so well, but alas, no.

In my opinion, dawn the rubber masks once more and lets resurrect the past, because after this, the future looks bleak.