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Overrated in the Extreme, 19 April 2007

Judging from the media hype and the comments on IMDb you would honestly be forgiven this programme came from television heaven.How very wrong these people are.Take one dimensional characters insert them in some sink estate and show us how they live their miserable existences with a script composed mainly of cheap and tired clichés.Thats basically what shameless is.The amount of profanity used in the show also shows how desperate the writers are does little to help the careers of the actors involved.The Gallagher and Maguire family are a lazy creation.They could be easily be based on any dysfunctional family.The reason why it has been prolonged by a series is genuinely beyond me.

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Well Written T.V., 14 February 2007

David Jason's character Inspector Frost is unforgettable.Armed with dry humour,sharp sarcasm and rare chinks of emotion and compassion he goes about investigating cases in his own unorthodox manner.His cavalier attitude to his work often sees him at loggerheads with his superior chief inspector Mullet.The tension between the two is often the catalyst for some comedical moments.What wins you over is the sheer dogged determination of Frost to his work.He is a lonely man,living alone with his work the only thing he devotes his energy into.

A far cry from the happy go lucky character Del Boy he played in Only Fools And Horses David Jason excels in his role as the gritty,hard nosed cop determined to get results no matter whos feathers get ruffled.The stories are well written are filled with twists and turns leaving the viewer desperate for Frost to solve the case.

A shame if this show was ever to be to cancelled

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Recommended Royale, 12 February 2007

The Royale is one of the best episodes from season 2.I actually watched it on sky one way back on the 5th of June 2005 and I'm only getting round to writing my review now.

Upon discovering debris from a 21st century NASA spaceship near a strange planet.Entering the planet Data,Riker and Worf come across a hotel style casino from the 1980's.Investigating further they find a book written by a NASA astronaut called Hotel Royale.It then dawns on them they are in a living version of the book.Having seen out the conclusion of the book the officers are able to return to the enterprise.

This episode stands out as it was refreshing to see a realistic version of Earth and the plot involving the characters living out the novel was pretty creative on the part of the writing team.Also the supporting cast have a sizeable part and played it well.

"Mr. Bean" (1990)
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Pure Comedic Genius, 12 February 2007

Rowan Atkinson's creation Mr.Bean has stood the test of time and will be forever etched upon the memory of those who viewed it.

Living alone and appearing not to have a job of any description Mr.Bean goes around doing day to day activities in a rather comedic fashion.The mistake prone Mr.Bean induces heartfelt laughter when put even in the most simplest situations.Though he barely spoke any coherent words his jovial actions more than made up for this.

Even when driving in his beloved Mini Mr.Bean still manages to cause inadvertent chaos.Not very much is known about his background but his ability to draw tears of laughter from the audience at his funny shenanigans is well known.

Before he found fame Nick Hancock can be seen in a couple of the episodes

Maniac Cop (1988)
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A classic in it's own right, 12 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A brutal police officer is running amok in New York mercilessly murdering innocents on the streets.Filmed on location in New York and working worth a considerably small budget an exciting thriller is on offer here.

Dectective Frank McRea sets about investigating what is happening and is convinced the killer is one of New York's finest.His superiors Commissioner Pike and Captain Riley dismiss this theory until the wife of a serving police officer Jack Forrest is discovered dead in a sleazy motel after discovering her husband was having an affair with a colleague.To appease the public outrage and feeling of extreme fear Forrest is arrested as a sacrificial lamb.However upon further investigative work McRae is unsure if indeed Forrest is indeed the killer.The evidence points to Matt Cordell a tough,old school officer who was arrested for violating a suspects rights and was subsequently murdered in prison.

However Cordell was not dead and returns to reek revenge on those who wronged him.Though the injuries he received may reveal why he is targeting innocents.He clearly has limited mental stability.

One of the best things about Maniac Cop is the quality of the cast.Bruce Campbell,Tom Atkins,William Smith and Richard Roundtree give inspired performances.Robert Z'Dar despite not speaking a single word is perfect for the role as Maniac Cop.His imposing and mean features add credibility to the character.

Memorable moments include when Cordell drowns a victim in wet cement and when he makes decisive use of the blade contained his nightstick on a drink driver.

A quality cast with solid directing plus plenty of thrills means you can't go wrong with Maniac Cop.

Sexecutioning, 11 January 2007

One night I stumbled upon this on the satellite station Bravo.Initially out of curiosity i decided to watch it.To be perfectly honest i wasn't disappointed.The main character is beautiful and her body is shown off well.You would think her talents would be wasted as a executioner but apparently not after watching the whole film!My only real gripe is the acting of the supporting cast particularly the actor who plays Melnik.Christ its bad!The prison guard Hank is woeful too.All he ever does is get drunk and make ill attempted passes at his co-guard Wanda though fortunately for us the viewer and for Hank he gets down and dirty with Wanda near the end. The music used is pretty tense and creates the perfect atmosphere for the executions. This movie is well watching alone for the beautiful,talented and very sexy Jennifer Thomas

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Back For More, 25 September 2006

After the exciting finale of season one the x-files returns in season two with the same level of excitement.With the x-files closed down and the two agents reassigned to other areas Mulder's belief in the truth is fast beginning to fade.However when Senator Richard Matheson gives him a new reason to believe he risks his life by going alone to Puerto Rico.Scully has to get to him and fast.ASlso in this episode Skinner begins to develop his true character by being resistant to the cigarette smoking man.He obviously dosen't share his love of cigarettes!A great return for the second series and providing the scene for many great more episodes to come

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Season Finale, 25 September 2006

What a great way to end the first season of the x-files.An apparent unrelated.minor car chase leads the agents to the discovery of what seems to be concrete evidence of a government conspiracy.The early sequence of the man being chased who then is shot emits green blood which has toxic properties is a classic.Also Deep Throat plays an important part i this episode though can the agents trust him after his lies in E.B.E?A stunning moment happens when Mulder enters the warehouse and before his very eyes is bodies in tanks of water.When he returns with Scully the bodies are gone much to Mulders disgust.He thought he had irrefutable,indisputable proof.This episode must be watched!

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Just plain bizarre, 25 September 2006

Only on a very rare occasion does an episode of the x-files fail to generate any excitement or does the episode contain anything which is just totally boring to watch.A detective and his former partner both die in unexplained circumstances.The deaths are linked to the presence of a little girl who was there when the deaths took place.Mulder has devised a theory that a policeman murdered by his colleagues has come back reincarnated as the little girl and is exacting revenge.Now for the bizarre bit.The little girl has no connection at all and seems to just a random person chosen as the reincarnation.I think this was slightly lazy writing by the writers and this episode ranks as one of the worst in x-files history!

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The Return of Tooms, 25 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The manaic Eugene Victor Tooms is released from the sanatorium he was sent to after being caught by the agents in "Squeeze".Upon release he is given a job and a new chance to settle down as a normal citizen.Albeit as a rehabilitated one.However Tooms being the genetic mutant he is has to kill once more to get the liver he needs in order to hibernate for another 30 years.A great moment occurs in this Mulder turns into a literal stalker and follows Tooms around constantly harrassing him and attempting to put a stop to his plans to kill again.It was great to see Tooms again excellently played by Doug Hutchinson and his death at the end is must see moment

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