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Not good, but then again, not the worst.., 23 July 2007

Having been a wrestling fan probably longer than most who have commented on this title have actually even been alive, I feel I can safely comment on the quality of this title.

The story, whilst somewhat skewed towards Stings belief system, is still a good story of how he progressed through the ranks of the wrestling world and became one of the most recognisable faces of wrestling, despite never wrestling for WWF/E.

The archive footage from WCW is worth watching this movie alone.

The end is a little corny, with his 'How I became a bible thumping god botherer' but, it is still a good film overall and worth seeing if you are a die hard wrestling fan of the likes of WCW, ECW, WWE, ROH, DSW etc..

I will now respond to some comments made by previous posters,

petrie_ds_10 - I mean you could see part of the WWF/E logo during all the WCW footage. No, you couldn't. there is NO WWE logo anywhere in this movie. You maybe mistook the WCW Nitro black centre icon for the WWE Logo, but I'm sorry, no real WWE logos anywhere.

DLman91 - All of the wrestling footage is of NWA-TNA. Erm, no its not. Did you not SEE the WCW matches in this film??

There's NO truth in it at all, and if any wrestling fans who KNEW the business saw it...they would agree. No, we wouldn't. I have been a wrestling fan for over 25 years, a lot longer than you have been around for I suspect..