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these are the films i've watched since 1/1/2012. i'm trying to watch one movie a day but i'm pretty lazy. update october 20th, i started this list by adding movies within a few days after watching them, for like the past 7 months i haven't even bothered to document anything. i will try to complete this slowly but theres no doubt i'll miss a lot of stuff.
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although my 2012 list is missing a bunch of stuff i watched, and this one will too, ima do a 2013 list.
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An unemployed teenager's VHS collection. I've only spent fifty bucks tops on my tape collection, and thats mainly on the stuff i actually sought out and ordered. I'd say 70% of these came from a thrift store. I'll date every movie I add to the list. As of September 2011, I've given away some of my extra tapes, and some tapes i have on dvd. Since my shelf is at the brim the new tapes i pick up aren't really placed in order, and I've been getting lazy on adding them to this list. Also, the past month or two i've been starting to go after dvd's more, but i still pick up tapes for the hell of it. I'll post my dvd collection once i'm personally impressed by it.
12/9 I haven't added anything since maybe october and jesus christ, i have around a hundred tapes unlisted. adding them isn't really hard persay but getting them into semi alphabetical order is a bitch. i'll update when i'm done with finals. THANKS FOR 1000 VIEWS, feel free to comment whatever the hell you want to, i won't delete *beep*