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Catwoman (2004)
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Please, please, please, please, PLEASE don't hate me., 13 February 2007

I liked it. OK, it wasn't the best film ever, and yeah, there have been better Catwomen (namely, Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer), but when you sit and watch it with no expectations, it's actually kind of cool.

From a superhero point of view it's a little one-sided- there aren't any real villains, at least, none who pose a real threat. Although Sharon Stone's character reminded me a tad of Poison Ivy, you know, super-beauty-products and all that jazz. But I quite liked that it showed how someone really quiet and shy can turn into a catty, sexy weirdo.

No offence meant to catty, sexy weirdos.

Catwoman has no real point to it, other than to explain how Patience gets her powers. It would be good if there was a follow-up where she beat Batman / Superman / Poison Ivy or whoever, but since the film did so badly this seems about as likely to happen as pigs flying, hell freezing over, and Ozzy Osbourne announcing a fondness for Girls Aloud. Which is a shame, because I didn't think the film was that bad.

They'd have been better off doing a spin-off from the Batman flicks with Michelle P (or a lookalike) as Catwoman, so the back story wouldn't be necessary.

Don't hate me for loving Catwoman. Please?

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This film ROCKS!, 13 February 2007

It's a totally different story to the comic books, which I really like; it's more interesting than watching a version of a comic that's already been written. Dorian Gray was a great character, and I hope he comes into the comics somewhere. The only little complaint I have about the film is that Mina was pushed aside in favour of Quatermain to lead the League, and they turned her from a prim, acid-tongued lady into a feisty, basically horny vampire. Still, the vampire Mina rocked, so who am I to judge? I understood why they put Sawyer in, but he seemed a bit of a pointless character. Nice to look at though! If they make a sequel I reckon they should put Dr Frankenstein in, but not with the monster- maybe before he made it, or whilst he was working on the first theories.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, I want them to make more comics! Seriously, they cannot just leave it where they did! I will go mad, I tell you, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! *cough* Anyway, yeah, thanks for reading. Bye.