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Vastly Overrated- Falls short of Expectations, 14 April 2008

First off, clearly to critics or viewers such as myself, the cast is exceptional. Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson are great and obviously Havier Bardem is a brilliant up and coming actor. However I wasn't impressed with the plot and found it to be slow paced, un-eventfull, and unexplained lacking several details. How can this deranged individual go from town to town killing people meanwhile the cops barely seem capable of obtaining a warrant for his arrest..

Also... It's not that original or fresh; a madmen in the middle of the desert murdering people on a rampage. Sounds like it wants to be more of an action thriller that Kurt Russell or Bruce Willis would star in.

Not Oscar worthy in my opinion.

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HAVEN'T SEEN IT!! but i'm going to give it a good review anyway, 10 September 2005

I have not seen this movie, maybe I will in the future. I figured I should post this review only because I am very bored. Some people may not like that, but, oh well; at least it won't contain any spoilers. Well, to anyone who has seen it, is it as good as Cocoa Puffs? Because if is, then it is an excellent movie! Judging from the previews, it looks kind of interesting. This review probably isn't going to help anyone, if is has helped you so far, continue reading, if not, skip this review. Like I said earlier, from the previews it looks pretty decent, and that doesn't tell me much, but I think its safe to assume that this movie is probably almost as good as Captain Crunch or Cocoa Puffs.

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UNDERRATED!!!- Hilarious Movie!, 3 September 2005

I laughed my ass off from start to finish. Thats all I was going to write until I noticed this site requires me to write 10 lines of text minimum. In-depth reviews, I guess. Some people on this site basically wrote freaking short stories on this movie only to describe how bad it is. Well if it's so bad then why dedicate a good 10-15 minutes of your time to write about it, if you wanna get that word out that it sucks, at least do the 10 line minimum. Otherwise, your wasting your time writing about a movie that you say wasted your time. Plus, why bash this movie, the scenes are hilarious, Jack Black is great, Steve Zahn rocks, and Amanda Peet is fantastic at playing a controlling, evil bitch. I love the part when Steve Zahn bends the bendable lamp in order to get revenge on Amanda Pete.

13 Seconds (2003) (V)
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horrible film quality, horrible acting, horrible movie, 21 August 2005

Is this movie some kind of joke? It looks like the camera crew went to best buy and bought a hand-held Sony camcorder to record the whole darn thing! The acting in this movie makes bad soap opera actors look ingenious in their work. I had to pay to rent this?? This movie should be in the FREE box, so then I could take it just to burn it. One guy posted a review that mentioned "I've had turds that were more interesting than this movie", and I think I would agree with that.

When I picked up this movie at the video store it looked decent at first; at the bottom it showed 4 awards from 4 different festivals that looked like this

WINNER, Newy York Independent Film Festival, WINNER Detroit International Horror Film Festival, WINNER, Fantastic Festival of Film UK, WINNER, Barebones International Film Festival

WHAT??? maybe if I make my own low budget film, put absolutely NO effort into it, these film festivals will love my movie as well as this piece of crap.