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Not Quite the Same Impressions, 12 April 2011

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I saw this film in a movie theater with a group of friends from our Catholic church. Apparently, I was not as impressed as the other reviewers already published concerning its anti-nuclear weapons message, since I didn't even remember THAT aspect of the story until reading their reviews.

What I DO remember is that any non-Catholics viewing this film would have come to the false conclusion that, as many of them already incorrectly believe, Catholics do indeed worship Mary, the mother of Jesus, as some sort of pseudo-goddess. My friends and I were absolutely outraged by this particular facet of the story, so much so that any other message the film-makers were trying to communicate was completely overshadowed. There are a lot of good, well-known actors and actresses in this movie (though, perhaps, they were less so when it was made), but I was truly embarrassed for them in being associated with this production.

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A Chilling Foreshadowing of Our Own Western Culture, 21 January 2011

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Given that the Social Security system in the United States is now in big trouble, due largely to the economic consequences of legalized abortion and artificial contraception--the SS system was designed based on a pyramid model: more, younger workers feeding into the fund to support fewer, older citizens; both abortion and artificial contraception have reversed the pyramid model, so that FEWER younger workers are now supporting MORE older citizens--this particular episode of STAR TREK: NEXT GEN may give us a not-so-far-fetched insight into our own society's future. Just listen carefully to what the representatives of Timicin's planet, including his own daughter, say to justify their law requiring their citizens' deaths at age 60. Rather than fixing their society, they simply eliminate their sick and elderly! End of problem!