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Possible Spoiler: Enduring story of a ten-year-old girl named Felicity who just like the horse she befriends...posses a will of iron., 4 December 2005

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I grew up with the American Girl stories with Samantha being my favorite. Of course I adored Samantha's holiday movie and was planning to show quite a bit of favoritism as I watched Felicity's Adventure. However, I was amazed by what I saw. I had not read Felicity's stories since I was in 4th grade near ten years ago so watching the movie was so refreshing and I actually cried. Set right before the American Revolution we are introduced to Felicity Merriman the daughter of a shopkeeper in Williamsburg, Virgina. Shailene Woodlyn who played the part of Felicity gave such strength and spirit to her role. The rest of the cast did great as well. Every actor gave justice to his or her characters. The costumes and scenery were just astonishing. And ladies...your heart will flutter when you see Kevin Zegers who plays Ben Davidson, Mr. Merriman's apprentice. I strongly recommend this movie to an American Girl fan. The movie explains Felicity's life so well that even those who have no clue of what the American Girl Adventures are about will enjoy this story. There are so many historical references that stimulate thought about ones beliefs. Such as the dispute between the Loyalists and Patriots. When Mr. Cole is thrown in jail for an unjust reason, the characters are forced to choose sides and do as their hearts tell. These references allow for enjoyment for adults. This movie will grip your heart.