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Tries to go somewhere, but doesn't make it easy for every movie-goer
14 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'll get this out of the way: It was about euthanasia and the feelings associated with it. (IMHO)

BEGIN SPOILERS: The movie presents the premise through a journey. It starts with the protagonist yearning to be free and go out of the hospital, back to her past life. She makes the clear purpose to burn bridges and get to her final destination to die. Her friend represents her family and people close to her that don't want to let her die.

What about the dude? Well, he's a clean slate of contemplation. He's the outsider looking in. He tries to help both of the girls coping with death and letting go, enjoying just the present. END SPOILERS:

I believe that the movie is quite slow-paced and can make most people anxious or feeling that nothing is going on. And I agree. It does feel quite stretched. Camila Sodi's performance seems quite limited; and her "norteña" accent can be distracting. Luis Gerardo performs ok, but the role wasn't all that difficult for someone with his experience. That leaves us with Tessa's performance, which is the best among the three.
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Classic latinamerican humour
29 October 2017
This movie is based on the classic comic book series "Condorito". It features all of the main characters of this series originally published in Chile.

I grew up reading Condorito and it's character and humour proved to be complicated to translate to cinematographic language. Rarely do we see Condorito involved in large story lines as it's a character (and a universe) that works better when its self-contained to gags.

Nonetheless, it's an enjoyable, familiar comedy... at least for latinamericans. Maybe someone outside the specific demographic will struggle to get any of the jokes as they are, most probably, lost in translation. It's worth the ticket price and it's worth its run-time.
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Geostorm (2017)
It's a decent enough disaster movie with a deus ex machina happy ending
25 October 2017
This isn't a 1/10 movie, neither a 10/10 movie. Overall, it's an entertaining action movie in a unrealistic setting, and I didn't feel it tried to sell itself as something greater than that.

Many people complain about the lack of originality in this movie and, although they're completely right about that, this movie wasn't made to redefine the genre. It's a decent movie to go out and eat popcorn with a teenage nephew or niece.

Much more than the lack of originality of the story, there's the issue that one doesn't really have anyone to root for. Characters aren't well outlined and their motivations are exposed on a couple of dialog lines; maybe yo make room for more CGI action.
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Pure schlock. Saw it for the laughs.
5 August 2017
I saw the movie with no expectations at all; and I walked out of it with a couple of laughs at the expense of it.

Worth watching if you don't appreciate your time, or are drunk enough to laugh at poor filmmaking. Or if you are learning cinematography and want to know what NOT to do.
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