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Son of Rambow (2007)
Fantastic movie.
6 April 2008
This movie just screened at the Florida Film Festival in Orlando, Fl. The crowd applauded, laughed and cheered throughout. This should be a big hit if it has a wide release in May. I loved the fact the film was set in the mid-80's, when I was also a student in junior high school. The soundtrack to the film was a lot of fun with hits by Depeche Mode and Cars by Gary Neuman. Also, I swear that I saw the band members of Travis in a scene shot in the faculty lounge of the school. I think the film is equally rewarding for both children and adults and will also be appreciated by anyone who love the art of cinema. I honestly can't imagine anyone not being moved and amused by this little film.
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The Ruins (2008)
An OK adaption, and I am a huge fan of the book.
5 April 2008
I have been anticipating the film version of The Ruins ever since I read the book. I found this to be an incredibly average depiction of the events in the novel. I can say the acting is good and the gory effects are quite chilling. For some reason there just isn't the same level of panic and dread that slowly crept up on me when reading the book. There were some issues with cheesy dialogue and I felt that more could have been done to develop the characters before they end up on the ruins. Definitely a solid horror flick, but not a classic. I saw it with a friend who did not read the book and she said she thought it was better than she would have expected. I would highly recommend reading the book instead of seeing the movie.
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Perfect as an art pieces, but so-so as a piece of cinematic entertainment.
23 February 2008
I have to agree that this film is a tad overrated. As a piece of art, this film is technically a masterpiece. The cinematography, soundtrack and acting are flawless and quite reminiscent of Kubrick. The issue I have is that it is a difficult film to connect with emotionally and it's pacing is off, often meandering and losing it's punch. I consider myself a bit of a film snob, but at the end of the day, a "best picture" should not only have artistic merit, it should be consistently entertaining. There Will Be Blood is worth seeing but is not re-watchable. No Country is a much better example of an art film that entertains and connects with the audience.
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