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All My Children of the past, 20 August 2005

I have watched AMC almost since it began (I was 10), yet just in the last couple of years I have become quite disillusioned. It was once an inter-generational show with people that were all ages and looks enjoying story lines. Now it is just one dimensional characters - mostly skinny women and buff men - and they're not even interesting. I was watching old tapes of years ago when Phoebe, Mona, Myra, Palmer, Myrtle...etc., all had story lines. They would weave together the story lines of the younger people (who were at least then interesting) - people like Nina, Cliff, Jenny, Greg, Angie, Devon...etc. It has become an empty show with characters that are uninteresting and uncomplicated and what must the producers think when the ratings continue to plummet. I liked AMC when it was AMC. I would, however, start watching it again if they would bring back Nina Cortland!