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"Earth 2" (1994)
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Why why why??, 27 February 2006

This was an intelligent sci-fi series that tickled with your imagination and the "what if" question at the back of your mind.

Why did they cancel this show? It had the making of a great show, a great future.

It could have been the "lost" of the 90s. Science fiction filled with mysterious events. Unknown actors, some of which broke into mainstream TV/movies - Clancy Brown, Rebecca Gayheart

Great acting, great plots, great scenery, no cash.

I'm actually quite surprised that another TV network didn't snap this show up and continue doing it.

So why not??

"Eldorado" (1992)
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The Stupid BBC!!, 21 October 2005

The axing of this show was purely a political decision. The show was doomed from the offset. The BBC pumped loads of money into the show and expected to make immediate profits which was not going to happen no matter how good the show was. As for the show itself. I loved it. It was a little slow to start with but it was a soap opera and for anyone to be able to get to know the characters right away was asking a bit too much. It was to take time and the BBC were not prepared to give it this required time. The most memorable character was of course Marcus (Jesse Birdsall) who fitted the "bad boy" image perfectly. The man with a hard exterior but a soft centre. Most of the actors played their parts magnificently but there were a few exceptions at the start but those actors were soon axed. I'd love to see the whole series again as I can now find myself in a similar position as most of the characters in the show - I'm an expat myself now and socialise with an expat community. It's a pity it was axed just as the show was becoming popular and the plots were becoming more interesting. Thank you BBC :(