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Best movies I've seen this year.
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This includes movies that were/are released in North America for 2015.

Note: Only with 4 titles and higher.
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Full-length movies directed by actors (as first time director)
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Collections of best movies I've seen released in 2014. Some of these movies may show 2013 on their titles but they were actually released in 2014.
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Actors who won or nominated for Oscars in writing films, adapted or original. This list doesn't include actors who have gone full-time in writing films like Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, or Orson Welles.
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List of actors/actresses who made me connect with their characters. I still have to catch up on few titles but here is the best of what I've seen so far.
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Ranking Christopher Nolan movies from his short-film to big-budget movies (in order).
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This is the list of my all-time favorite movies that I've seen so far..this is not yet updated and still in random order (except for A Beautiful Mind which is my number one film). I still have to finalize their spots and I'm really having a hard time hehe..
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Movies I've seen that are based from Young Adult Books. This list is in random order.
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Best movies of the year so far..
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The list of best films I've seen this 2012
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Collection of my favorite Hollywood Directors..
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List of best movies that I watched this year so far(top 20 films are in order).
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Movies I've watched that follow the found-footage style.
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A touch on of my favorite sport movies.
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I've seen hundreds of movies since January but only few of them were/are really worth spending your time for. Here is the list of great movies I've seen this 2011 (in random order except for Top 15 movies). It also includes movies that are released earlier. Hope you enjoy it.
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2010 is almost over and Oscar is busy screening the next best movie of the year. But if you would be given the chance to list your own best 10 movies of 2010 what are those?...Here are the best movies that I have watched this year.