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Life is just too busy, and I got too much to do. As movies are seen, they are moved to my Movies Seen list, and this list wont go beyond 100 movies. List is changed based on new releases and on demand availability.
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This was a hard list to come with but all these movies I saw at various movie theaters (as opposed to Cable TV, VCR, DVD, and On-Demand) throughout the years.
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This year I am going to go Epic! See lots of big screen stuff.
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Shows I follow consistently these days...
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If you are ever "tempted", amongst other things (prayer, reflection, communication with other, counseling) see all these movies back to back. They will set you straight.
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It's 20 years later and things have changed (and stayed the same) in the hood. Caine's son is in the prime of his life and like his father is doing nothing but running the streets committing crime and selling drugs. A Wax (played by MC Eiht) has in response to the influx of Mexicans and subsequent takeovers of the drug trade formed a gang to fight the Mexicans. O Dog went to jail, became a Christian and is trying to save people who are the way he once was. By a miracle O Dog gets out because of botched evidence that was used to put him away. A talk with the jail chaplain gives him an idea of what he must do with his time out. The man who killed Caine's father, his mother's cousin has been trying to be a father figure for the child and has kept what he did a secret successfully from Caine Jr. for the last 20 years and kept him away from Caine's old crew. Stacy becomes a private investigator after a brief stint as a football player for the KC Chiefs, but goes back to the hood looking to get revenge on the killer of his friends. The conflict begins when A Wax and O Dog battle for the heart and mind of Caine Jr. Then, when Caine Jr. finds out who killed his father, all hell breaks loose!
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These are movies that pretty much precede and accompany the movement, and I think are influential in its founding. Not trying to advocate, just observe. Peace!
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Recently a very big list of actresses got erased. This is meant to replace that, in my eyes. And it will be up a long time! Will include all races, all ages list of actresses I like! No particular order.
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The movie of the year was "Straight Out of Compton" Worst movie I saw this year was "Chocolate City".
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List includes the most memorable Heavy Metal songs that accompany them.....
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A list I got of movies from Complex magazine's site, plus a few personal favorites thrown in.
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Ah, romantic comedies. They can keep you up late Saturday Night, or amuse you on Sunday afternoon. Here are the best to me of this amusing genre.
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Personal cult movies that I could watch on a late Saturday Night/Sunday Morning when I can't sleep.
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These are my own personal favorites. This is not meant to be a list gauging IMDB for the directors who were technically "great". I am not a film student but a fervent film watcher. These are directors who did at least 2 movies I liked and whose style I developed a taste for.
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A list of black celebrities whose fame either started in the 80s or who had their 15 minutes in the 80s. And there were quite a few! As somebody who didn't really grow up around alot of black people until I went to a prominent HBCU, these people influenced my images of blacks as a whole when I was a kid.
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Some of my favorite Christmas movies....
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This is a list of women who fit the "diva" label but whose lives were filled with misery or who died tragically. I been thinking about this quite a bit since Whitney (RIP) passed. Any hardcore diva historians can contribute, your input would be appreciated.
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RIP Robin Williams, he will be missed. PS if it isn't on the list I haven't seen it, I am working on a top 20 list so this is the top 10.
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If I were to star in a re-make of the 80's classic coming of age movie "Mischief", I would be the nerd Johnathan and these would be my "Marilyns". Not ALL of them, just one.
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I want to write a hit movie!
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Based off a list from
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Only thing about this list is that not all the movies are made in the 60s. Some were made in decades that followed. I love that peace, love and revolution vibe....and a little gore!
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Now, there are good musicals and bad ones, these are good and bad musicals. Some I like, some I don't!
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I did a "black people of the 80s" list, but I know that there are some out there who think it is racist. Not that I really give a crap, but I figured it would be interesting to do a counterpart list for the white guys I liked in the 80s.
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A list of iconic black people who got most of their fame or notoriety in the 90s. Some for 15 minutes, some for eternity!
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TV Shows worth adding to the list...
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Based on the list in the book "The Ultimate Book of Gangster Movies" I think this was a list in order of what the author thought was best, which I don't really agree with. New Jack City should be in the top 10. So should Scarface. I could go on for days.
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The "New Jack Swing" movement in the 90s dominated the culture; a mix of hip hop ghetto swagger and middle class refinement. Throughout the 90s this would inspire many sitcoms, variety shows, movies and talk shows. This list includes the dominate new jack sitcoms. Though now the new jack sitcom fizzled and was replaced by reality TV, its impact lives on in the form of reruns!
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These aren't urban movies as in exclusively hip hop and gangs, rather these are movies that appeal to a widely urban audience. There happens to be hip hop and gangs but there are other movies as well.
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These aren't urban movies as in exclusively hip hop and gangs, rather these are movies that appeal to a widely urban audience. There happens to be hip hop and gangs but there are other movies as well.
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