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Addicting and a remarkable update!, 11 November 2010

Not a lot to say but, man, this is how you update a classic game series. The style speaks for itself (wicked) and the music is retro goodness with updated beats. This game on anything above normal is not a cakewalk but for retro junkies and hardcore gamers this will be heaven. With the online aspects in place this gets even more addicting. With multiple modes of play this game has proper replay elements as well.

I have almost all versions of Space Invaders on compilations and such that were released throughout the years and this is the best one. The ONLY downfalls this game has is the graphics could have been a bit better and the difficulty can overwhelm. Otherwise, enjoy.

I don't think the original Space Invaders has aged that well so this is the shot in the arm the franchise needed.

Eden Lake (2008)
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Want back my invested time., 17 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all this film is well made in certain categories such as: Cinematography, Editing, Acting and even has realism that is easy to believe can really happen. I truly wanted to like this movie but I was forced not to.

I've watched 1000's upon 1000's of films in my lifetime and am a big fan of Horror/Thriller films. I don't mind movies where the antagonist(s) "wins" in the end. Take "The Devil's Rejects" as an example of a film where this premise works. I watched "Wolf Creek" and it has the same feeling as "Eden Lake" where they emotionally invest you in the main characters and you feel like you went through what they went through only to see all hope dashed and evil win.

To me that is a waste of time. Make a person care and then p*ss them off in the end. A person should get some kind of pay-off when they watch a film and if that pay-off is straight out anger towards the film itself then nothing can save the good graces that the film already established.

I'm not saying that depressing, bleak, dismal endings don't work because they certainly do. I am saying that I want to be somewhat rewarded for sitting through a movie. If I don't feel anything but base anger (which is rare) I can't recommend the time spent watching.

Yakuza 2 (2006) (VG)
Improves on the 1st..., 2 August 2010

I liked the the first Yakuza and gave it an 8 even with the numerous problems it had. The story kicked ass hence the 8.

The 2nd game improves on the story, fighting mechanics and the speed of loading is faster. Also the length of the game is quite a bit longer than the 1st. It also has Japanese voice acting. The first had English voice acting but Japanese works better with the tone of the game. The story really kept my attention with all the little twists and turns.

These Yakuza games have always been for niche audiences but to me they are very fun adventures and I'm looking forward to starting the 3rd chapter very soon. (I've finished the 3rd and the 2nd is still my fave)

3D Dot Game Heroes (2009) (VG)
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OK Zelda inspired action/RPG., 21 June 2010

For a huge Zelda fanatic this game would probably rate higher than what I gave it but it's still enjoyable for what it is.

The few issues I have: 1) The graphics are unique but for some reason that I can't figure out they didn't really do it for me. Not without some charm but overall just not exciting enough.

2) Music and sound are well done but a little to repetitive.

3) The difficulty can be a bit daunting at times with very little "hand holding" throughout. I prefer not wasting hours just to find simple things that wouldn't take that long in most games.

I played the first few hours without help (a guide) but then decided that I would have more fun speeding up the process. I was right. I enjoyed this game much more not wasting multiple hours when I didn't have to.

I consider myself a top tier gamer, having gamed since the very early 2600 days but this type of gameplay is a little tiring these days. Overall I actually enjoyed this game (with some help).

Final Fantasy XIII (2009) (VG)
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Good but the battle system brings it down a notch., 11 May 2010

I'll start by saying that I used a guide for most of this game.

Using a guide you would think that you could breeze through most of the game. For the most part that's true but the stupid inconsistency in the battle system doesn't help matters. When some of the "normal" battles take longer than boss battles you're in for frustration and possibly boredom. I don't remember being bored in any Final Fantasy before this.

The main problem is even if you know exactly what to do and how to do it in a battle it still takes much to long to end said battle. There is quite the trial and error to the battle system. Not my cup.

Now the good: The story is a little above OK and a little cheesy. The graphics are some of the better ones on any system. The music is quite good but not as great as some of its predecessor's. The sound effects and voice work are passable.

Two reasons why I really gave this game an 8: The ending is ALMOST perfect (a little cheese). The 2nd reason is once you finish the game (the main story) there is a lot of optional but fun stuff to do. Good replay value.

Overall I was disappointed by the battle system but it wasn't a game killer.

Mirror's Edge (2008) (VG)
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Original and Cool!, 11 January 2010

I've heard complaints about the vertigo from the heights and that the controls are too hard. Even with minor complaints like these I still think this game kicks ass.

This game has style to spare and a feeling of accomplishment when an area or certain jump is completed. I found the game a little hard at first and the game play a little trial and error in places but that still doesn't diminish my love for this awesome game.

The first person view is going to cause people to either feel exhilarated or upchuck. I was personally thrilled.

If you give the game a REAL chance I think most people will come away feeling satisfied.

RV (2006)
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Embarrassing..., 1 January 2010

I like Robin Williams. I liked some of his lines in this movie. I didn't like the majority of this drek. Paychecks talk and it shows in this film.

Cheryl Hines does not do it for me and probably never will. Not for one second did I believe that her kids were hers. They could have easily got many different actresses to play that role and it would have made the movie at least a little better.

Most jokes fell extremely flat and for most of the jokes to work you have to play the "extreme idiot"(excrement hose). This movie seems to have somewhat of a following or it wouldn't have a "high" 5.5 rating. Wow. I guess I don't see the appeal of idiots going through the motions for 90 minutes.

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Best of the trilogy? Yes (by a long shot)., 4 April 2009

I absolutely love the Resident Evil games (especially 4 and 5) but I did not love the 1st Resident Evil movie. (gave it a 5) Passable but that's it. The 2nd movie was edited in such a way that it was ultimately headache inducing. (gave it a 4) Could have been so much more.

I went into watching Resident Evil: Extinction with a feeling of slight dread. How did this end up being beyond decent and the best so far in the series? (not counting Degeneration).

The first thing that comes to mind is the Editing. Way better than the first 2. Better Director and effects and a better movie comes our way.

I would have rated this even higher but alas the ending "showdown" was to normal and average for me. (The VERY last sequence was right back on track though).

Overall I was shocked how much better this was than the previous ones were.

The Mist (2007)
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Good overall but that ending?, 30 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I first saw this in the theater and thought it was well made but maybe a little slow. The ending actually produced laughs from a few people around me. I didn't mind the ending but it was a logical mess.

This thriller/horror had good acting, not bad suspense in some scenes, a character who everyone wanted to die (and when she did people cheered). I think Marcia Gay Harden had to act very well for people to have that kind of gut reaction to a fictional character. The CG was average for most of the film with some inspired spots throughout.

At the end of the movie there's no way anyone would run out of gas and resort to the extremes (shooting everybody but himself) he did and especially as fast as he did. I'm quite sure he would have looked for gas or at least tried to survive for more than 10 minutes before drastic measures. After finding out that Stephen King wished he had thought of the ending in the movie for his original story I liked the ending a little more. >source: commentary for The Mist (2007)<

The movie before the end: 8

The end: 5

Overall: 7 (closer to 6.5)

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Technicolor Bliss., 7 June 2008

My eyes should have melted watching this. It was so colorful and trippy that my brain went into mush mode. (A good thing).

Props go to filming this a lot like the Anime its based on. Visuals, Sounds, Cinematography all wrapped together to make this a lot better than the general populace would have you believe. (It was kind of a Bomb in the theaters).

Now I can understand some people not liking the acting to much but I thought it fit what the director's were going after. Also some might have problems with the visuals because they are very vivid. But for those of us that aren't bothered by that this film is a real treat.

I gave this a 10 for visuals and effects because it couldn't get much better for what they were trying to achieve. I gave it a 6 for story because it doesn't go beyond the call of duty.

So I met in the middle and out pops an 8. Enjoy.

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