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::SPOILERS:: Best and Worst of Times for Moffat, 27 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It was rubbish writing. Moffat broke the cardinal rule of writing with too much narrating. It wouldn't be Moffat without a big red button in the form of a big, shiny crack in the sky. Clara *remembers* seeing the Silents next time she sees them, which isn't how it works. Stolen plot line ("Handles" the Cyberman asinine a direct lift of Tom Hanks and his volleyball "companion", Wilson in "Castaway"). The "Old man" makeup on Smith was awful. And Moffat had to come up with an even bigger regeneration than ever before. Took out a few thousand daleks at this go. ..And started the Time War, the whole reason he aged to prevent, yet no explanation or worries, just turns young again and piddles about the TARDIS. And now we have Tash (possibly meant to be River) the half Dalek mucking about somewhere in the TARDIS. He gave Smith as maudlin a farewell as Tennant had. (Possibly Moffat's farewell speech as show runner). Rubbish writing. And yet he had me crying several times. And waiting until August for the the next Doctor's real debut.

The thing is, even Moffat's rubbish is gold for the rest of us. It's not easy to have us (as most of us, male and female, did) both laugh and under an hour. Being a Whovian is like having a brilliant but lazy child. It's all the more frustrating because you know what *might* have been. It seems inconceivable that the gem of "The Night of the Doctor" and this rubbish came from a mind between the same set of ears.


Inception (2010)
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Shoot-em-up Sophistry, 26 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This whole movie can be summed up in one phrase: "The playa got played."

I've seen the gamut in these reviews from raves to rants. And the truth is, ironically, the same point as the movie: You make your own reality. Like the example I've used so often from Antoine de St Exupery, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) "Did the sheep eat the rose? Did you create holes in the box?"

The elements are all present to make this a wonderful movie of your OWN interpretation. But if you wait for someone else to put the glitter and paint together you'll be disappointed. On the surface we have a mess of provocative ideas, many conflicting, but you can still add your own interpretation that takes the film as given, cheap sophistry with shoot 'em up action scenes, and turns it into something special like the old board game with so many alternate endings.


Here's my choice of how I chose to put the glitte , paint and paper together...You are involved in industrial espionage and involved with corporations trading and hiding secrets. In the process you learn of the ultimate trade secret: how to literally steal ideas from others, and how to implant ideas of your own in their heads. You begin to dabble in it yourself but your pride gets the best of you. As you convince yourself of your proficiency you unwittingly run into the most terrible secret of one of your clients. You are a beginner and they are the experts and you unlocked: The fatal flaw...Doubting all reality. Now your mind is in free fall. You no longer know what is real or a dream or if there is any ultimate reality anymore. The stability of your family which you thought would always ground you is gone. You shared the terrible secret with your wife and she killed herself...or did you? Now all you can do is continue forward, trying to find out what's real and to forget the terrible knowledge that nothing may be. You got infected by the process you were trying to infect others with: Doubt And it's all set to the dreamy tune your subconscious soothed you with "Non, Je ne regrette riens"...I regret nothing...But you do. The playa got played.

The Client (1994)
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Surprisingly Suspenseful, 28 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was hooked from the start when, because of the great writing, acting and directing, I felt concerned about the characters even though I knew they really weren't in danger because they were the crux of the movie. And that pleasant surprise continued right to the end of the film with its clever writing that had me alternately enthralled or chuckling (appropriately) at plot twists.

Another pleasant surprise was that it had a PG-13 rating. Aside from the rough language many teens actually use, there was no unnecessary gore, sex or violence. Ironic given the Mafia plot line. You get the point & feeling without the unnecessary graphic element most other directors would go for.

I suspected it would be a great movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon in it & I wasn't disappointed. The one deduction was for some obvious plot holes.

The shattering information that the lead died as a teenager in real life of a heroin overdose just makes it more of a tragedy that his talent is gone. But he did himself proud with this, his debut.

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Inbreeding in Investigation, 24 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a Baptist minister & a Christian but I was turned off by this "documentary" because it exclusively uses Christians as the critics. That's like asking a drunk if someone should stop drinking. It makes the whole thing just silly. Not to mention that the whole reason the "investigation" was started was because his wife was a Christian. So he had a vested interest in supporting the Christian beliefs.

I became a Christian as a result of hearing Erich Von Daniken's book "God is an Astraonaut" I said "I can make a million bucks writing a graphic novel about all those Bible studies really being visits by aliens!" But I had to read the Bible so I got one that was supposed to be pluralistic and said outloud to any aliens, gods or whatever, "I want to know the Truth, whomever & whatever that is!" Before I finished reading it through the first time I met and fell in love with Jesus Christ. The rest is history. :0) But what convinced me was statements in the Bible itself like there being 500 eyewitnesses at the time these things were written who never contradicted it.

If you're a Christian this might feel like an inspiring documentary. But if you're not a Christian read the Bible for yourself notas told to you by Christians. Ask GOD to show Himself to you as you do & be prepared!

Dear John (2010/I)
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Dear GOD this is awful!, 17 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Somehow I thought that this would be something along the lines of Hemingway set in the modern era with the war being a major plot element & psychological influence. But the plot is as thin as a used tissue & about as useful. It is beyond my comprehension that this thing which seems like it was written by a prepubescent girl for an English class essay...complete with horses & dialog to match...was funded & actually became a #1 movie. I can only imagine that investors were counting on the war element to draw crowds and, sadly, their deception worked.

Every cheap, implausible, laughably foolish romantic element from beginning to end was used in this maudlin mess & all the many plot holes filled with sugar & spice & no charm, grace, style or writing ability at all.

Save your money & two hours of your life & just buy a can of sweet corn. It's the same thing. And if you're a man & the woman in your life wants you to sit through this dreck, take her shopping instead. This is more painful.

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An Offbeat Heart, 18 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Themfirst few moments throw you. He directing, the sound track, the dialogue, it's all offbeat and out of sync, off kilter. But if you stick through those disorienting moments you'll recognize a heartbeat and the crazy rhythm of love.

Even the sound track suddenly stops being strange as you accept Sandler's character and step into his world. That's when you'll recognize the genius of his performance and of the writing and directing.

True film buffs will recognize Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin in all their pathos reborn in violent, heartbreaking yet still endearing reincarnation in Sandler.

At once a love story and bitter commentary on the isolation of society and its treatment of the different and the lonely, like Borgnine's Marty of years ago.

See it and have your heart broken and faith in love restored. Warning: Some violence. Strong offensive language

Panic (2000)
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So THAT'S Where They Saw It!, 27 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Have you seen the Sopranos? Then you have seen this movie. That's all it is, poorly rewritten episodes of The Soprano complete with a hit-man who goes to a Therapist talking about getting out of "The Family Business" and hitting on women along the way.

All that's missing are: good writing, good acting, drama, violence, sex or anything that makes you think this isn't a rip-off of the Sopranos.

And once you know that it was a "made for HBO in 2001" special...and remember The Sopranos was on HBO you realize this was an attempt to hold the Sopranos market. On the cheap.

They fail miserably. Save yourselves. Don't see this. I'd say the writers should be "whacked", but that would be too good for them and too reminiscent of...Well, the Sopranos.

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Surprisingly Satisfying, 28 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is an excellent movie for parents to enjoy with their children While it has a cute, imaginative story for the kids, and even a romance for tweens, it also has stunning graphics that (despite what another reviewer said) outshine anything Pixar has done This movie has "throw away" scenes that would be the main feature of other films, of special note being the aquarium of water in the beginning, contrasting fluidity of water, translucency of glass and water but distinct from each other, moving with realistic physics And, as a "cherry on top", the dialogue is witty and laugh out loud funny (And don't pay attention to reviewers who saw porn that is only in their minds where there was none )

The only negative notes I saw was a moment of mourning, which might momentarily upset very young children, and a gag were they use the monkey translator to have the father speak to the son, which I took to be disrespectful of parents

Other than those two brief moments (which can be explained by parents) it is an outstanding movie that will entertain anyone of any age

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Surprising suspenses, 22 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From before the title even appears you're given a mini-movie that let's you know from the start this is no formula flick. please don't let those talking about plot holes etc discourage you from seeing this. It's fun, it's full of surprising twists and it doesn't have an overwhelming amount of super-sicko stuff that make you wonder what kind of pervs the writers must be.

Yes you must suspend your belief at times but no more than in most movies of this type, and this one is much less predictable than most. I actually applauded at the ending because there's no way you can see it coming. Think of a Bruce Willis movie, only with the Bruce Willis part being played by Satan as the bad guy in the film. There is plenty of action and the only really predictable part is the survival of the lead and a steamy roll around on the floor with the love interest.

I highly recommend you ignore the negative reviews and watch. it's one of the few movies I've seen lately that has the mature subject matter of a plot that doesn't make you ashamed to have seen it.

surprisingly suspenseful, unpredictable and a satisfying conclusion without too much gore or sicko stuff (not even that much cursing except a spattering of F's and MF's here and there, noticeably lighter than most films). . Not much more than that you can ask of a thriller

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So Good It Will Make You Angry, 18 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is so good it will make you angry. At the way Leonardo DiCaprio was robbed of an Oscar (it went instead to Tommy Lee Jones that year for the Fugitive...unforgivable "Good Ole Boy politics, obviously). It will make you angry over the injustices of life, and at the parents who make themselves the victim rather than the advocates their children need them to be. But it will also make you feel good that life can be a triumph over tragedy rather than just succumbing to it.

A must see for DiCaprio who does an incredible job as a handicapped teen, full of life & love but never cloying or pitiful. But Johnny Depp also does an outstanding job as a young man on the verge of life and at the same time terrified of it.

And when all is said & done, "What's eating Gilbert Grape" is a hunger for life & love for himself & those he loves. This film makes you think both are available to all, if we're willing to taste them, the bitter & the sweet.

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