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I'm a big fan of anime (japanese animation) since I was a kid. I grew up watching them, and I can't live without now. Here's my list of my favorite anime.
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Growing up I used to say that I will never like tv as much as cinema, well I was wrong, because now, I love TV! For me TV is the new cinema!
Now... here it is, my favorite TV show list, it's all about the series that moved me.
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It's pretty hard to make a list of favorite movies. I'm gonna try to make a list which will allow you to comprehend my tastes regarding cinema. This is not in particular order.
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I am a horror fan. Here is my list of favorite horror movies. Not in particular order, and I think I forgot to put some titles.
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Cinema can be a dangerous tool. Most people like to be entertained by films, and that's good. One other aspect of cinema could be the exact opposite of entertainment. This kind of films exists for many reasons... the main reason though is the wish to disturb the audience, defy society, break the rules or at least cause some kind of violent reaction.
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My favorite cinema is Japanese cinema. I watch Japanese film since I was a kid, but I was struck by it really when I was 13, I had just seen Sonatine by Kitano Takeshi. And since then, I watched every Japanese film I could find. I love japanese cinema.
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Asian cinema is my favorite of all. Here is a list of Korean films that amazed me and moved me.
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Here is my list of the freakiest movies ever.
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Cinema is sounds and images. It's hard to not consider music during watching a movie, at least for me. As a cinema fan, I can only appreciate a good soundtrack. And there are some composers who are very talented in creating a world or better yet they are gifted in following the director’s vision. Here are my favorite composers.