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The top 20 most memorable dancers in Bollywood history from 1970 - Present
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In no particular order, these are her Most Laudable Performances from the start of her acting career in 1997 up until 2015...

My selections were based on:
1. Versatility (ability to disappear into each character without reminding you of the last role she played)
2. Performance (Acting)
3. Content (Character)
4. Screen Presence
5. Expression
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You have your action heroes but how about some love for their female counterparts. Keep in mind this list was made circa 2011. Please feel free to comment. No bashing. The list is in random order. If you don't agree with my list, go create your own. :)

*updated 2015

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Hottest men on my television.
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as of 2014 and in terms of her acting.
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as of 2014 and in terms of acting.
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Sure her career is still young but she has shown so much growth in such little time that I had to create this list. [Based on her performances as of 2014]
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In terms of acting not box office.
[Special mention to his performances in 'Anjaam', 'Ram Jaane', 'Chennai Express' and of course is film debut in 'Deewana.']
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Rocking vampires on television and in movies (list updated in January 2014) some are popular and some are not but remember this is my list, if you don't like it go make your own list. :-D
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This is a list of films that I consider to be visual spectacles.
[In no particular order]
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If the world was in total peril and we all needed to fight to survive, I'd want these characters on my vermin smacking brigade.
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My favourite characters from the CW show Supernatural. Note: list reflects characters that have appeared on seasons 1 through 6 of the show.

Note: The kids who played young Dean/Sam also deserve a mention but unfortunately they don't have dedicated character pages for me to link here. The 'Ghost-facers' guys were pretty cool too but sorry I couldn't find character pages for them either. :-(
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Characters who are certifiably crazy but stunningly beautiful as well.

Criteria: Must be a characters seen on film/television from the 1980s or later.
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i.e. don't have to dream and drool along with me, it's my list, therefore my picks. :-) If you have nothing nice to say, um.. STFU. Dumb comments will be deleted, that's a promise.