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"Fastlane" (2002)
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How to have a hit show and fail, 6 January 2007

This must be one of the best detective/action series made to date! I know I'm a bit late in commenting but I saw it recently in the UK and was looking forward to another series and have found out (fairly late!) that Fox have cancelled it! From reading other comments it appears it was too expensive to continue! Maybe if they cancelled 2 or 3 of the really rubbish series out there they could put the money back into what was a cracking bit of television? Not only that but they left the series on a cliff-hanger just to rub salt in the wound! Poor Billie left in a room somewhere with a leg full of heroin and a lunatic. Thanks guys! Maybe they could make one more to tidy up the ending at least?! What a shame that good shows actually cost more to make than rubbish ones? Hmmm, I wonder why that would be? If that was aired prime time here in the UK, I'm sure they could make their money but I suppose everyones moved on from that now and it'll never happen. Still at least it puts a stake in the ground for quality and maybe someone will take up the challenge of making some more good telly. Here's hoping ..

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Spin City - The New Class ;), 14 August 2005

I just felt I had to add a comment after reading the one from shrek2004. I too, loved Spin City with Michael J. Fox and Jennifer Esposito and was also concerned that their replacements would have a lot to live up to. Unlike the previous comment though, I found they worked very well and Heather Locklear was a great addition and to say she is wooden is not only unfair but entirely wrong! OK, you may be thinking I am being swayed by the fact she is extremely beautiful but I am also not that shallow and found she took to comedy acting very well and added another dimension to the show from all the "blokey" humour. Charlie Sheen, although not a Shakspearian class actor is always fun to watch and their chemistry (Sheen and Locklear) works very well. So, if you get a chance to watch the "New Class", give it a chance because it is still very funny and the new kids are alright (in my book!).