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Awesome!, 3 November 2007

I watched its first episode and I found it interesting. Then I watched the rest of them and loved it! It's so different from all the other Disney shows. And it's funny, too. I love the idea of one-fixed-corridor-set and of them looking at the camera between their lines. The actors are great, too. No over-the-top acting. At least, I don't think so. Plus, they give each and every character equal roles- no lead character. And that's really cool. And the fact that it's only 5-minute-long sets it even separate from other shows. I was so bored with the same plots of Disney and a lesson at the end. But after watching this show, I can see that they've still got the talent. It's my favorite show, already!

I say it again, it's like no other show there is. It's awesome!