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as expected, 28 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This one was just 'ok'. The plot is almost identical to the first . They spend a little more time setting up the plot and explaining why Heather Graham's character isn't there and why they are celebrating in Bangkok.

Instead of a baby, it's a monkey.

Instead of Vegas , it's Bangkok.

Instead of missing a tooth, he has a tattoo.

Instead of drinking the drugs, they eat them.

Instead of money, it was passwords and codes.

Instead of a trunk, it's an ice machine.

I could go on and on. This one had laughs, had fun, had adventure, but it was grittier and less attractive to look at than the first. Stu is a riot and very funny (laugh out loud funny). Allen is somehow more disturbing in this one and less funny. Almost as if he's over acting his part . Bradley..well, he's just good to look at.

Of course because you expect the antics and plot, it naturally loses something in the sequel, but it's still fun to watch , laugh and enjoy.

Mr. Chow, the monkey and Stu are the movie. The movie is worth going to if you saw the first as you love the story and characters.

Some of the gags are downright crass and there is plenty of male frontal nudity.. so be prepared.

I hope if there is a III, it's got a bit more originality than this one. I'd still recommend it.

Hall Pass (2011)
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Well, I actually enjoyed this!, 26 February 2011

I went to this movie not expecting a great night. We didn't plan on going to this flick but the one we wanted to go to was sold out so we got stuck with this. I like a good comedy, and I enjoyed the other Farrelly films so I figured how bad can it be? I was pleasantly surprised. This is definitely not a movie you'd take your mother to. There are surprises throughout the movie and some blatant sight gags and the usual 'guy' humor , but it actually wasn't that bad! The chemistry between the 2 guys is spot on. I'm not a huge Owen Wilson fan but I do like Jason Sudakis. They were great together. This movie moves along pretty quickly and keeps the energy throughout the film. It does have a message that comes to fruition by the end of he film and for me , this all worked. The other guy friends seem to disappear after a while and I think could have lasted until the end. The storyline is good, the chemistry is good, the humor (while at times is the typical gag humor) made me laugh out loud and the message is good. As a Boston Red Sox fan, it was fun to see Dwight Evans in a role here. It's not the worst thing to spend a movie ticket on and is good entertainment if you like this kind of thing. But don't bring your elderly parents unless they can handle it and for goodness sake, don't bring little kids.

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bleh, 15 January 2011
5/10 wasn't 'awful', but it wasn't OH MY GAWD this is great either. The Dilemma is presented as a conflict that Vince Vaughn has when he sees his best friend and business partner's wife having an affair. Coulda , shoulda, woulda been a different movie had the following happened: 1. Winonna Ryder...isn't in the movie 2. Kevin James ..had more comedy rather than 'engineering' skills 3. Winonna and Kevin were 2 different actors that were the married couple in this flick AND, 4. they stuck to the storyline and stopped adding countless subplots that have no impact on the movie or the comedy or the acting.

This movie had a lot of potential, it just didn't produce it.

Vince and Jennifer were acceptable as an unwed committed couple but there wasn't enough balance between comedy and drama. I went into this expecting comedy and got more drama. It just wasn't Vince's best work, nor was it Ron's.

Even the 'other man' (who's name escapes me) was just too far fetched to wrap my mind around in character. He was over he top. If he was like the guy from the Richard Gere, Dianne Lane movie, then it'd be more believable.

I'm just not sure what I watched tonight. Vince had his typically banter and rhetoric in some scenes, but the movie was just too heavy and too over the top with story lines for me to count...or to recommend.

I also didn't like Queen L in this...she overacted her scenes and her character just didn't seem to fit in enough to make it worth her paycheck. This is the same actress that got the Oscar nod for Chicago...completely overacting in this movie.

I'd definitely wait for the a rental. You will only want to see it once..

The Town (2010)
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Boston Loves Ben, 29 December 2010

This was a good movie. I am not a big Ben fan but with each movie I watch him in, and with each movie he does, he grows. He clearly owns this movie. He's hunky and tough and gritty , yet vulnerable and that makes his character strong.

It has the feel of 'The Departed' and being from Boston myself, the accents were perfect. Ben of course worked in all the Boston hot spots and it worked in this movie.

I really did find myself in his corner despite the fact that he was technically a 'bad guy'.

Although Jon Hamm wasn't great in this , the rest of the supporting cast was; along with great location shots, great acting and a truly great story add up to another fabulous Boston flick.

Good job Ben! Now we need another with you and Matt!

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just 'eh', 29 December 2010

This third installment of the 'Fockers' family is clearly the third runner up. It wasn't awful. I am one that always enjoys the sequels so that I can visit with old friends. And yes, the friends are all back in this third flick. However, it is a bit uncomfortable.

Ben Stiller tries, Robert DeNiro truly makes the movie , but even he can't pull off a masterpiece. There isn't much to work with in this film.

It's good to see the cast return though all the same. Blythe Danner looks old and uncomfortable in this installment, The twins are hard to believe as twins and are so mismatched it's distracting.

Barbra and Dustin are barely in it and honestly their story line is just too hard to get my arms around.

Owen Wilson is in this one more than he was in the others and that right there was a mistake. He's usually funny, and always in Ben's movies in one way or another, but in this , he should have passed.

and Oh MY ...poor Jessica Alba...I understand her reason for being there but honestly, I felt like I needed medication after her scenes. I just couldn't stand her by the time the movie was over.

It did have some cute moments, but mostly not.

It's not the best of the series, but it's worth purchasing on DVD. Save your money for something with more substance.

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wait for the DVD on this flick, 21 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Where do I even begin? I was curious to see this movie as parts of it were filmed in my area. I knew some of the extras that would be in it and there was a lot of hype. Needless to say this film for me just didn't work. The premise of the story is that Leo's character is sent to a mental institute for the criminally insane to investigate a missing patient. He has flashbacks and as the story unwinds you begin to see he has his own struggles. You begin to wonder who the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys' are.

The film starts off slow...peaks to slow..and even ends in an unsatisfying way. At times I felt like I was watching 'A Beautiful Mind' and 'One Few Over the Cuckoo's Nest' only with a darker eerier tone that almost entirely moves at snail's pace. I didn't find it gory or creepy...just slowwww

I was distracted by the green screen during the journey on the boat and in the jeep ride with the Warden and at times seemed to be a green screen during the cliff scenes.

The dead girl moves so much in one scene I was distracted to the point that their death didn't even seem impactful because she was moving. Leo, Michelle, Mark and Ben all do great jobs with the acting ( I guess) was just painful to stay awake with the story lines. Too draggy...

Some of it was even just unbelievable...(i.e. the 'c' building that seemed more abandoned than an actual hospital setting and the lighthouse ..spiral staircases make it difficult to lug all that bulky furniture) ...but yet happened..

I loved 'The Departed' and usually like Scorcese's twist on story telling...I just didn't enjoy this one..I would wait for the DVD.


Old Dogs (2009/I)
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One Word: YUCK, 1 December 2009

There wasn't much good about this movie. John Travolta and Robin Williams are co workers/buddies who are the perpetual playboys. Williams finds out he's got twins with Kelly Preston after a shotgun quickie wedding 7 years ago. First of all, everything I've ever seen Ms. Preston in is disappointing. She is not a good actress. Unfortunately for her daughter Ella , she is following along her mother's footsteps. Ella is one of the twins and I was actually uncomfortable watching her scenes. Thankfully the young boy that plays her brother holds his own and at least makes the scenes where the kids are in semi entertaining. I expected much more with this movie with the big names that are involved. Travolta has certainly had his share of clunkers but he's always appeared to be a decent actor. Williams speaks for himself...he can be very funny, just not in this film. Travolta and Williams are left with the kids for 2 weeks while Preston is put in prison (ridiculous) and their adventures just keep going and going like the energizer bunny. Even poor Matt Dillon is sucked into the picture as he plays an over the top camp director. None of this works.

The rest is just garbage . The only bright spots are Seth Green and Rita Wilson's cameo at the beginning. Wait for the DVD on this one..and even that might be painful .

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this was horrible, 16 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I first must start out by saying I love M. Night Shyamalan's work. I was blown away by the "Sixth Sense" and even "Signs" was a nail biter. His movies are suspenseful but not distasteful. The gore has never been a piece of the story. He is one of the best storyteller's in the modern day but this movie fails on many levels.

The opening scene captures our attention immediately. From there, it goes downhill.

The storyline is lame..plants? Come on! It's got so many loopholes in it that it's hard to follow.

The plants attack crowds that grow smaller and smaller as the story progresses, yet in every scene of attack , there is always someone that doesn't freeze. Even when they begin to realize it's the foliage, they trek onward through fields and tall grass-why not stay on the road? Makes no sense.

The acting is even harder to grasp. Poor Mark Walberg...LOVED him in "The Departed", this is simply not his genre. He's too much of a tough guy and you just cant relate to his teacherly persona. His wife-the doe-eyed lame actress just simply missed the boat. John Leguziamo's character was an unnecessary waste of film and just added to the confusion. And poor Betty Buckley-the deranged loner who takes them into her home. I felt like it was something out of Stephen King's "Misery"-gone-bad.

The problem is, as good as the premise may be for a story of revenge-driven plants, you just cant relate to the characters or follow the story. There is no connection.

The repetitive suicides at first are too graphic and not necessary's almost as if that's all he had to work with so he continued to come up with as many different ways to kill oneself as he could to keep the story moving.

The ending left me with confusion and emptiness with no resolve.

And in the end, the result is a poorly directed, poorly acted film that will not go down in the history books as a hit of our time.

I would not recommend this movie. Save your money and rent it on DVD when you have nothing else to do.