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Bart's Line "If I say this is poison, this is poison.", 18 February 2011

I liked this movie and viewing it today it does seem dated. It did come at the early stages of AIDS and for a professional LA doctor to screw around with a promiscious gay male, probably wouldn't be portrayed so casually, if this were made today. I also liked when Bart and Zach went out for lunch right after Bart got examined at the doctor's office.He almost pushed Zach aside saying, "Who eats lunch?" Then I thought when Bart got his hamburger he took off the bun and Zach told him "The bread is not going to kill you." Zach goes on to say.."Give me a break doc; if I say this is poison, this is poison." Funny, this was long before Atkins and becoming a carbophobic society.!! Anyway, great acting by Hamlin, Ontkean and Kate Jackson!

Don't Go to Sleep (1982) (TV)
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I have this movie from the repeated airing in 1985 on ABC, 21 June 2010

It's funny reading how many people remember this movie. I was one who saw it originally in 1982 on ABC and was probably impatiently waiting for them to re-run it, because I liked it so much. Well, I have the repeat telecast from 1985 from "The ABC Saturday Night Movie." It drove me crazy to find it on an old VHS tape. I just converted it to DVD so I have the complete version. I don't know if this movie was ever cut when it was shown in syndication which is usual for more commercial time. I guess I have a found gem and should put it on ebay or The acting is pretty good and Valerie harper and Ruth Gordon are priceless. Dennis Weaver always seems to get parts of a drunken father or abusive husband (see "Intimate Strangers"). See this movie if you can!

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Released on DVD-finally!, 29 January 2010

If you go to you can order "The Stranger Within" which is an official release and not a bootleg copy. Note they include a disclaimer that says "not re-mastered for the purposes of this release but taken from the best possible print." Anyway, it would be great for all of us to see our beloved "Jeannie" in a movie where she is clearly a totally different person. David Doyle as the couple's friend is a treat as he puts Eden into a trance so they can find out how she got pregnant. At first, she says nothing but on the second try, she tells them it was an alien. Great fun for the '70's--may be dated today.

Dying Room Only (1973) (TV)
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The wait is over!, 29 January 2010

Apparently there was enough interest in "Dying Room Only" that made Warner Bros. release this on DVD on 1/19/10. Its on a web-site called This is also a re-mastered print which isn't too common for made-for-TV-movies. I just ordered mine and it is definitely worth the investment. TV airings of this movie have all since passed and probably won't get the time of day any longer, so the DVD is worth it's weight in gold. ($19.99) It is crystal clear and the movie is un-cut. There aren't any extras or special features but it is still a treat. Kudos to Warner Bros!! (who has the Lorimar Productions library of movies).

Heatwave! (1974) (TV)
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Alcohol and pregnancy, 28 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not a bad movie for its time and these ABC movies of the week seem to have covered every imaginable force of nature, heatwaves, hurricanes, rain storms, you name it. It's interesting to note one scene in particular where Laura (Bonnie Bedelia) and Frank (Ben Murphy) take a swig of beer in a restaurant scene because the "new" policy is "one glass of water per person." A man sitting in a booth nearby overhears the conversation and wants the couple to try his new beer called "Bronson." Of course, being so dehydrated, they take it never alluding to the fact that Laura is pregnant and can't have alcohol. I would bet this scene would be cut out today so as not to encourage pregnant woman to drink.

Buy the DVD Version! You'll be glad you did!, 8 December 2008

Enjoyable holiday special from Rankin/Bass that was out of the public eye for a decade or so. ABC and ABC family run this on a continual basis throughout the holiday season. However, The Family Channel cuts Jessica's song "My World is Beginning Today" and Kris' song "If You Sit on My Lap Today." Also, when Kris and Jessica get married in the forest, that song is edited as well. Buy the DVD version which has restored all the songs in its glory. It has to been seen and appreciated for the time it was made (1970)and hopefully children of a new generation will find it amusing. I remember a long time ago that kids would leave the theater when a song came on to grab some popcorn. Truly sad.

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Alistair Sim, simply the best., 13 December 2006

I used to watch this movie faithfully every Christmas Eve when my Dad was alive. There was no other way to watch Alistair Sim and listen to my father laugh at some of the lines in the movie that aren't heard in other versions. When Bob Crachit has to ask Scrooge for Christmas day off and Scrooge finally obliges. Crachit: "This is awfully generous of you, Mr. Scrooge" Scrooge: "I know it is, you don't have to tell me." When Scrooge goes to see Marley the last time and walks up the stairs to see the undertaker waiting... Scrooge: "You don't believe in letting any grass grow under your feet." Undertaker: "Ours is a very competitive business, sir." I could go on and on but this movie is first rate and tells the Charles Dickens story better than most. I am a big fan of the musical version, "Scrooge" (1970) with Albert Finney, but more so for the musical score, not the story. There are scenes that are sped up to accommodate the music or left out altogether. The Alistair Sim version follows the story very closely and shows us his sister, Fan, dying and Scrooge saying: "Forgive me Fan, forgive me Fan." I get goose pimples every time I see him cry. Buy it, rent it, watch it with somebody who has never seen it and you will be pleased! Catch the Christmas Spirit with Alistair Sim!!

Skyway to Death (1974) (TV)
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Lost TV Movie, 24 April 2006

I haven't seen this movie in years but it was kind of eerie when New York City's Roosevelt Island Tram car got stuck for over 11 hours in April of 2006. It reminded me of this movie and all I can remember is that Ruth McDevitt is in it and she's wearing a hat and it flies off her head and she utters "Dam" and covers her mouth after she says it. That was probably one of the few curse words allowed on 1974 TV which it why it stuck in my head. Overall, I don't remember much of the movie but Bobby Sherman was one of the people stuck in the tram and he was supposedly one of the draws of this TV-movie. ABC ran the trailer for this movie over and over again and like all of their movies of the week, had that "I have to watch it" feeling. Too bad a lot of these rare gems are not seen anymore and with the advent of cable and satellite TV, you would think somebody would create a home for these movies. A sort of "70's retro-movie channel." A DVD release would be great, but who would remember it?

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The long awaited DVD release!!!, 2 December 2005

I'm happy to tell the people on these message boards that "The Girl Most Likely To..." was released on DVD in October 2005. You can purchase it through It seems there was enough of a fan base to get this movie out on DVD as it was never on VHS and these '70's made for TV movies are rare to be shown nowadays. I only wish that more movie companies would see that there is a market for these fondly remembered TV movies and get them out on DVD. This one was very much appreciated by me who only had a very old copy of this from TV. To see it again, un-cut and in pristine condition is a wonderful treat. It would be a great Christmas present for anyone who doesn't know that it's out. I discovered it by accident! Stockard Channing is superb in this movie and Joan Rivers should be thanked for writing the script and getting it on DVD.

The Honeymooners (1977) (TV)
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Saw this at the Museum of Television & Radio, 16 November 2005

I never saw this show in its original run on ABC as there were few VCR's back them (better known as Betamex). It brought such a joy to my face to see Ralph, Alice, Norton and Trixie together again. The episode centers around Ralph and another one of his hair-brained schemes. This time he takes his Mother-in-Laws check, (played wonderfully by Eileen Heckhart), Ed's bonus check and withdraws all the money out of his joint account with Alice to buy lottery tickets in the hopes to win a million dollars. I can't tell you what happens afterwards because my time ran out watching this episode at the Museum of Television and Radio. But I would watch it again, completely this time. The set was exactly the same (in color) and of course, Jackie Gleason and the others aged quite a bit. Gleason lost weight, Carney gained. I don't know why they couldn't get Joyce Randolph to revive her role as Trixie. I have nothing against Jane Kean but she was in the later "Honeymooners" sketches with Shiela MacCrae (1966-1970)so it seemed like she didn't fit in. Interestingly enough, both Joyce Randolph and Jane Kean are still with us today. It would be nice if we could see them interviewed in some sort of a DVD release, which wouldn't be a bad idea. I doubt this or any of the the other "Honeymooners" reunions made in the late '70s were ever seen since their original broadcasts.

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