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Side Effects (1994–1996)
9 May 2006
I'm surprised to discover that no-one seems to have heard of this drama series that followed a group of doctors. It was pretty good at times. Basically, from what I can remember (it was quite a while ago), Noah used to have a lot of women problems, but was a pretty good guy. I recall a few powerful moments. If I recall, Dr. Jim Barker was a bit of a miserable dude, but I might be wrong. Actually, i'm not sure what made me search for 'Side Effects', but I guess it must have been pretty good if I remember it after all them years of watching TV. Also, I was only a young fella at the time, so yeah...funny the stuff you suddenly find you have a desire to dig up. Not as good as 'House' though, but still...
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Jurassic Park (1993)
Jurassic Puke
9 October 2005
This has to be the worst, most manipulative, lowbrow, dreadful film I have ever seen. You cannot be older than 10, or have an IQ higher than the outside temperature on a blizzard-ridden midwinter's day in Antarctica, to appreciate this film. Goldblum is dreadful beyond belief- he can't even chew gum properly, and Neill and his girlfriend, whoever it is that plays her, are badly cast and deliver the disgracefully bad dialogue with cringe-inducing cheesiness. It is obvious from this that Spielberg values money and the distorted kind of fame that making the Blockbuster as an end-in-itself seems to guarantee, above all considerations of art or intelligence. His capitulation here to the lowest common denominator would be irredeemably shameful were it not for the moderate modicum of redemption he gained by making 'Schindler's List'. I imagine, and dearly hope, that Spielberg learnt his lesson from this disgraceful farce, so clearly engineered for people with an eight-year old mentality. Ironic, then, that this revolting tripe carried a PG-13 rating in many countries? Probably not. A lot of people seemed to love Jurassic Puke. Me being elitist? Possibly. A case of mass mental illness? Probably.
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