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Scream queens, murderers, victims, and beauties of all type that have shaped the horror genre into what it is today.
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I'm making a list of cop/detective/crime shows named after the last name of the main character.

Each listing is clarified with the shows distinguishing gimmick.

This list is focused on shows that only feature the character's last name in their title, thus excluding shows that use a full name, such as "T.J. Hooker," or shows that add clarifying titles to the name, such as "Magnum P.I.," "Quincy M.E.," or "The Rockford Files." Also excluded are partner shows, such as "Starsky and Hutch" and "Cagney and Lacey."

This list will primarily be focused on shows from the seventies and eighties, the time period when last name only cop shows flourished, and American television, as I'm not that familiar with British/European television. However, I have made a few exceptions for stuff I like/am otherwise familiar with. Suggestions are welcomed.
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There's the legends of the action world. Arnold, Sly, the Bruces, Jackie, Jet, so on and so forth. The stars whose status is secure. Then there's the guys whose star has faded. Maybe they've experienced a come-back in recent years, like Van Damme or Dolph. Maybe they haven't, like Seagal. Either way, they probably are still making movies. And then there's these guys. The hanger-ons, also-rans, rip-offs, the flashes in the pans. Action heroes who aren't even B or C-list. Disposable heroes. Somebody's got to love them.
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This list is not a comment on the actors or even their abilities but simply on whether or not they have an awesome name.
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Movies that deconstruct, subvert, parody, or poke fun at the superhero genre. Many are full-blown comedies. Some are deadly serious. A few are something in-between. While some of the films below are brilliant, many of them aren't very good. SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOMED.
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The title is pretty self-explanatory.
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IMDb doesn't need another list collecting Masters of Horrors. Here's one anyway. The directors listed here have contributed at least two important, enduring films to the horror genre.
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IMDb doesn't need another list of Godzilla movies. But here it is anyway. All 30 Godzilla films, and the two television series, ranked from best to worst.
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Any one of these actresses listed below would be a good addition to either Stallone's official "ExpendaBelles" project or the rival "Untitled Adi Shankar Project."
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I am trying to put together a comprehensive list of Bermuda Triangle movies! If anyone has any suggestions or known titles I left off, that would be greatly appreciated!
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200 horror films that I consider absolutely essential genre viewing. Even the ones I'm not that crazy about...
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Everyone else is doing it.

The story idea I've cooked up for this one is that there's a supervillain, a powerful arms-dealer ready to start World War III and rule over the ruins, obsessed with the team, determined to take them all down once and for all. Only THE EXPENDABLES can stop him! Cheesy? Sounds about right to me.
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I own lots of different types of movies. Anything crappy here is actually my Mom's.
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A few years back Bruce Campbell said he was working on a script for a movie he described as "The Expendables of Horror." Subsequently, nothing has happened with it. However, just the thought of such a product was enough to get my horror-nerd brain turning.

Keep in mind that all the descriptions below describe the actor's role in the proposed, strictly hypothetical film concept in my brain. Everyone here are wonderfully nice people, I'm sure. Also, it's fair to say I have a lot of free time on my hands.