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not a spoiler.. the absolute truth., 8 August 2005

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Granted the show came about wayyy earlier than the show 'Jackass', it's comparable in nature, except he makes fun of mentally and physically handicapped people, he coaxes women to get unclothed or naked for free boob jobs and money. If they don't go 'far enough' (for ratings) no boob job... How sad, yet hilarious for womanizers and immature dimwits out there. This show lacks basic values. You would think it had been written by a pre-pubescent teen who can't control himself.

I guess his Mother didn't teach him respect. He's a mediocre guy who gets taken advantage of for his money because that's all he has to offer. Now tell me, If he walked up to socially 'beautiful' models, porn-star's and spoke the way he does on air, in a TRUE TO LIFE SITUATION, he would be shot straight down to hell because without the money, he would be socially inapt. *LOL* Doesn't he see that he is being used? *lol* Hmm, I guess not. :)