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Don't ride after breakfast!!, 20 August 2005

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I rode this ride a couple of weeks ago while on holiday in Florida. If I had known that the ride would have been that chlaustrophobic and violent I think I would have decided against breakfast. The space to sit in is very tiny and although i am not what you would call large I was very squashed both between the seat in front and the guy next to me. I have no idea why the makers of this decided to send us to the Jurassic period. After all this is a ride about BTTF not Jurassic park. However we do get to chase the ever manic and slightly evil Biff after he hijacks a DeLorean for a joyride. The screen before you go in shows a film of Doc Brown explaining about the new 8 seater DeLorean and the advances he has made in time travel. He spots an intruder on the CCTV and realises it's Biff. The brilliant Tom Wilson then comes and ties Doc up so that he can travel through time in a stolen vehicle. The only way to rectify the situation is to bump the DeLorean with the DeLorean you are travelling in.

If you are chlaustrophobic then I would STRONGLY suggest that you don't ride. I'm not but I was glad to be out of the squashed space. If you are a BTTF fan then you have to experience this at least once.

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I love Spongebob, 9 August 2005

I first discovered Spongebob square pants while I was on holiday in Florida. It dawned on me when I got back to England that we could get it on Nickelodean so I started watching it all the time and loved it! It's basically a kids show although sometimes it does have some jokes that are obviously intended to go way over children's heads. And I love it for that. Loads of my friends love the show and we're all surprised that we could be so entertained by a small yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple! Oddly enough though, my favourite character is not Spongebob. I love Squidward and Plankton and their bitter bored outlook to life. They seem remarkably cynical for Nickelodean which is why this show is a breath of fresh air and hugely popular.

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I love Back to the Future, 8 August 2005

This film is probably one of the best films of all time and a modern classic. I don't really like sci-fi films but this appeals to people on so many levels and genres that things like that don't really matter. Christopher Lloyd plays Doc Brown to absolute perfection when he swans around as if conducting an orchestra. Michael J Fox is the star of the movie but the supporting roles are cast so well that all of the characters are stars in their own right. I particularly like Thomas F Wilson as Biff and the way that he gets more manic and vicious as the trilogy unfolds. The combination of excellent special effects, brilliant directing and the true skill of the actors means that this is one of the few mainstream cult classics. It's a film for the whole family without being patronising or babyish. Ace!