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Very good, 8 August 2005

ABBA are my favourite group and I rented the movie from the library. It is mainly showing their 1977 tour in Australia. They perform most of their popular hits such as Waterloo and Fernando. You will find it quite interesting as it just shows how popular ABBA were in the 1970's. The film is made into a story. Be entertained by this great documentary. I didn't know that you could still get it anyway, but I was really happy to ind it. I had always wanted to see it and I was very amazed when I saw it. If people like ABBA, they will enjoy the movie. Scenes include the press conference, concerts, the Radio DJ searching for them and also his dream.

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Great, 21 December 2005

I watched this film at school and I must admit it was a pretty cool one. I haven't actually seen all the other American Pie films but after I watched this one I thought it was pretty good. I think the acting's really good and I might buy the film for myself. I have given this film a 7 out of 10. Anyway there's the advantages.

It is about a boy who plays pranks at his school and is sent to band camp where he spy's on the girls filming it, ready to make a video to show his mates.

The disadvantages are some scenes are quite annoying and sometimes it is a bit gross. But not all that much. Overall, it is a funny film with a lot of stupid bits in it. So if you haven't watched the first American Pie films, watch Band Camp because it is very cool.

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I've seen worse, 21 December 2005

I remember when this cartoon first came on Cartoon Network. I just thought "Cool, another cartoon", when the adverts were shown as I was little then and I liked my cartoons. My mum doesn't like this. It is stupid, but it is for little kids who like a cartoon to watch. I thought it was quite funny at first because of the things Wayne says like "girl pants" or "lizard breath" to his brother geeky Lucien. But it will get boring through time.

I didn't actually mind this programme. I did watch it occasionally and I still might if there's nothing on. I still love cartoons and I do still like watching Cartoon Network because some of my favourites are still on there. But if you want and unusually funny, silly cartoon to watch, tune into The Cramp Twins.

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Great!, 21 December 2005

When I was about 7 or 8, I was absolutely obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls. My Nana made 3 Powerpuff dresses. I used to dress up as them and play them with my friends. I was always Bubbles. There wasn't much merchandise back then and I would have loved to have had some of the great Powerpuff stuff they had today. Now I've grown out of it all there are loads of toys and that.

It is still a good show. Really nice and simple drawings. I still love Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup but I wouldn't consider myself as a fan anymore. Bubbles is a sweet, goody-two-shoes (sometimes), girlie girl, Blossom is an intelligent, clever, sensible girl and Buttercup is a hard-core, loud, tough-cookie. They were invented by professor Utonium and they fight crime in the city of Townsville. I've always like Mojo Jojo and Him because they are classic villains. So I really like The Powerpuff Girls even if I have grown out of that phase, it's still a great cartoon!