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not bad...Alan Ladd could still act, 23 March 2014

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Yeah Alan Ladd wasn't quite the handsome dashing hero of a few years earlier but I would imagine commanders in the Roman Legions back then weren't exactly Justin Beiber lookalikes so he fits the role pretty well. The plot has some interesting twists and the women were beautiful. The action scenes were better than average for an Italian epic...I've seen much worse. To be honest, these sword and sandal affairs are growing on me. They have a special charm all their own that's hard to define so I won't try. My advice, gird your loins, adjust your breastplate, and saddle up pardners for a good old Italian style western with a couple of familiar American faces thrown in for good measure!!! And remember, a sword is always loaded so be careful out there in weird movie land.

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I really enjoyed it, the best of the three IMO, 1 February 2014

I really liked it. I was not a huge fan of the first two movies, they were OK, nothing great. This was the best of the three for me. I loved the visuals, especially the scenes in the mountains. I could literally feel the cold and the Yeti were a very nice extra. It was very fast paced and the new characters were cool. Yes, Rachel was missed but but the new lady held her own. I loved the idea of the two undead armies battling it out. The one armed Mummy was the coolest, his part should have been expanded a little, he rocked. Im not sure what the other reviewers didn't see in this flick. So what if it wasn't set in Egypt...why fault the producers for trying to keep it fresh? If they make another I would like it to be set in the Byzantine empire...nothing is ever done about that tremendous civilization, its as if it didn't exist for over a thousand years?? Anyhow, I enjoyed this movie...its far better than any of that goofy Indiana Jones hogwash...I have never made it through any of those movies, the just aren't fun. This is a good one!

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nice, understated, powerful in its own way, 31 December 2013

Gotta say I really liked it. A man trying to live his life on his own terms and holding strong to his unique kind of integrity. I guess our hero is kinda the last hippie. His life is totally opposite the lives of most of us. He surfs, and never works. Thing is, he is so cool that others find ways to make money off his adventures and his athletic prowess. He doesn't care, he just wants to surf. Finally the forces of commercialism and responsibility begin to close in. Ironically, this occurs at a time when the ocean stops making waves. Surfer Dudes world begins to crash down but he refuses to surrender.

This film reminded me of the Camus novel called the Stranger. If one refuses to conform or simply doesn't get conformity...prepare for a lot of love/hate relationships with others. Society can take only so much individual freedom before it eats its own.

This isn't a great movie but its a very good one for people who sometimes wonder wtf its all about anyhow. This is more like a good novel than a Hollywood movie. Twelve year olds and people with that mentality have no chance of understanding or enjoying.

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OK, I liked it, 30 October 2013

For a movie made for a million bucks, it definitely delivers. It is a tiny bit slow paced but that seems to work for it. Considering the budget its very well produced and has several very lovely young ladies in prominent roles. Its very violent and often gross but that is to be expected in what is basically a horror movie. The plot is a bit thin and the liberal philosophy is lame but the story does make sense and is fairly easy to follow for all that. Most of the cast are unknowns but they have some acting ability and I know I'm not alone in being a sucker for mysterious island adventures. Ah yes, I recall fondly The Most Dangerous Game and many others.

Ignore the low rating you see here, if you like lower budget flicks that get a lot of mileage out of their will probably dig this one, a good looking film with lots of action and suspense.

2012: Ice Age (2011) (V)
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People get PAID to slam Asylum on here!!!, 22 July 2013

Yah, its pathetic, sad, but true. The big studios are so scared of Asylum and other companies like them that they will stoop to any low to badmouth the new competition. Asylum actually makes very entertaining movies and they do it sensibly. I have recently become a fan because after watching a few they got me hooked. They do produce some stinkers too, but compared to all of that superhero Krapola the bigs are shoveling out they still manage to shine.

Im not a fan of disaster movies but this one is one of the best I have seen. The cast is competent and the special effects are actually very OUTSTANDING thank you very much. Most Asylum films are fun, escapist yes, but fun. The leading man (sorry, can't spell that name) was very good in a everyman hero type way. He did what he had to do and pretty much kept his family together and safe. When he could he helped others too. The script was fine and the story was easy to follow and relate to. (especially if you have ever been stuck in traffic during a winter storm!) Check this one out and check out other stuff by Asylum. Its enjoyable stuff and ain't that what we look for in a film?

Glass Trap (2005)
Oh man, this movie rules!!!!, 4 July 2013

You got to see it to believe it. What a cool flick this is. I got a huge kick out of it. Its damned funny...The ants are freaking hilarious and Stella Stevens is a hoot. Find a copy of this will never regret it man. Some of the jokes are so bad you will laugh even louder than if they were good. Especially the one about the duck. This is what all movie makers should aim for...genius without logic. No one normal would think of making this movie. Its genius I tell you. Run, don't walk and seek out this chalice of cinema wonderfulness immediately. It will cure you of many ills, including bad breath.

OK, after a second viewing, I recommend this even more. C Thomas HOwell is an acting marvel. His portrayal of a janitor is dead on. Hope he works his way up to master janitor someday!!!

The Terminators (2009) (V)
Mindless, gore and FUN!!, 26 June 2013

Terminators run around killing, decapitating, killing, being bad etc etc. Its all in fun Y'all. Sorta like a Zombie movie in reverse!!! Huge body count. Everyone gets offed by the bad Terminators. Its fun, fun, fun!!! Forget plot, forget sex scenes, forget what it was you forgot. Just sit back and enjoy the mayhem. Laugh, grunt, scratch...whatever you do at the movies. Just embrace will be happy you did. Its better than wrestling, its better than beer, its better than getting a tattoo. It was made for you and you and you. You know who you are. Fire up one and have the time of your life as the Terminators do what you wish you know you want it.

I got into this B movie...nice, 24 June 2013

I was not expecting a lot but I was pulled into this one. It was fascinating to watch C Thomas Howell and his directing is very good also. I haven't seen the first War of the Worlds with Howell but it didn't really give me any problems keeping up with the story. Is it just me or does Howell look like a skinny version of Mel Gibson now? But I digress.

I thought the special effects were actually quite good for a low budget flick. The Martian ships were nicely portrayed although they weren't really all that scary. Chris Reid didn't add a lot to the picture although it was sort of cool seeing him again. He did have some funny expressions here and there. It would have probably been better to give Howell a sympathetic female hottie sidekick but hey..?

I thought the story was very well written, fairly complex and original yet still easy to figure out. They definitely got the best out of their budget and it really is a good picture in my honest opinion. No, its not one of those two hundred million dollar computerized action flicks made for video game addicts but I liked it a lot.

I like B movies from all eras. They just seem more organic and rough around the edges which makes them edgier and more willing to take chances. War of the Worlds 2, the Next Wave is one of the better ones from this era. Give it a shot, you might find yourself digging it too!

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I enjoyed it, 24 June 2013

This movie is something of a throwback to the old jungle adventure films of the forties and fifties. Forget the computer effects, besides they usually suck. The movie moved at a slower, more realistic pace. The acting was pretty good and the leading lady was very sexy in a unique way. I also enjoyed the scenery. There was something about this movie that kept me glued to the screen. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot more realistic and probably more like what an African adventure was really like back in the day. I know kids won't like it because there is no one in tights and a cape and not enough massive explosions and car wrecks. I guess thats what I did like about it. For someone with a bit of a pulp fiction fetish, its all good I guess and definitely interesting on many levels. And its not some a goofy Indiana Jones ripoff. No huge bowling balls come running out of the background and its not stupid or idiotic like the Indy movies.

Come Dance with Me (2012) (TV)
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nice romantic film, 11 December 2012

I enjoyed this movie very much and so did my wife. Its very romantic. The leading lady is very beautiful and moved gracefully. Perhaps the plot is nothing new but it worked for me. I also thought the lighting was very well done, especially in the dance studio scenes which certainly set the tone for the film. Andrew McCarthy is a fine actor and the movie suited his talents. There were times when things developed in a clumsy fashion but for the most part it sailed along in fine style. I'm not totally sure the chemistry between the two leads was dead on but the chemistry between me and Christine was awesome! This is a classy movie with a good cast and I give it a solid edge over most similar holiday fare...try it out!

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