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a thoroughly, deliberately crafted film, 17 June 2006

"Koiya koi nasuna koi" is a film I would characterize as the opposite of "crazy". Everything about it was skillfully and deliberately crafted, controlled.

Ironic that it is over forty years old. Contemporary films could use more of its use and mastery of creative technology. As example are some science fiction films I've seen in the past ten years: a tremendous amount of money, time and effort spent on technology that ultimately resulted in a "muddy-ing" (darkening and blurring) of the image. What is a film, if not the visual image? "Koiya koi nasuna koi" possesses fresh, original colors and image clarity.

I was really touched by the combination of theater, animation, legend/mythology, history, love and ghost stories that created a compelling, totally memorable experience for the viewer. Praise for director, crew and actors.