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Drive Hard (2014)
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John, what have you done?, 16 January 2015

Big fan of John Cusack so his participation in this movie makes me kind of sad. John quality over quantity should be your motto.

Not sure if it Thomas Jane that annoys me or his character. Either way he really grates on me every time I see him on screen.

This movie has to be the worst I have seen in a long time. So many plot and credibility holes. It looks like it was filmed very quickly with little or no thought to script development.

Always good to see an Australian based movie and it would have put some food on the table for local actors and techs, which is the only beneficial outcome of this effort.

Avoid if you can, unless you are a fan of movies that are so bad that the are funny.

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Good effort, 15 January 2010

Interesting, if not far fetched storyline.

All put in a reasonable effort, though I did keep thinking how better this would be with a bit more production quality and better actors. I swear that the motel owner, criminal and police officer all come from the same gene pool, friends of the producer?

Nice scenery. Looks like it was filmed over a very short time frame.

Matt Loney was the stand put. I was surprised given his performance that he has not worked more. He reminds me of a cross between Phil Hartman and Alan Thicke

Better than any film I never made! lol