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As a big fan of horror, I watch at least 1 horror film a week. This list has over 300 titles that I've found fun, frightening or thrilling. I read lists like these to find new titles that will be a joy to watch. My hope is you'll find one here that you haven't yet seen.
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The following list is comprised of feature films, tv movies, and documentaries that I rated a 10.

I have rated over 4,000 pieces of video on imdb, and 117 of those (under 3%) received a 10 rating. Here they are, in no particular order.
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The First three pages of this are my top comedies of all time. I think there are a couple you haven't seen. Macgruber, Team America, This is The End, Reno 911 Miami, The Dictator, Role Models, Let's go to Prison.

The list is from my top rated to lowest rated (so, the first two pages are all 10/10 and 9/10.)

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Check back soon--more to come. And send me recommendations!!!
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Check back for updates.
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A list of videogames, most of which are considered classic, that are terrifying. I will add them as I remember them, or play them. Enjoy!