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Dredd (2012)
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I really don't get it., 27 January 2013

Many have called this an intelligent movie, but I don't get it. To me, an intelligent movie is one that makes my go, "Huh... I had never considered that..." Or, "Wow, I would never have expected THAT to happen next!" This movie is neither of those things. This movie is a spaghetti western with neat gadgets and some good special effects thrown in for good measure. The gadgets are not all that innovative and the special effects were either overused (Slow motion) or grainy (explosions).

There is nothing intelligent about this violent grind of a film. Even Tarantino's Grindhouse: Planet Terror had more of a rationale and motivation behind the story that this rehash of Judge Dredd.

Perhaps I'm just jaded because the original Judge Dredd introduced all of the new ideas one can find in this movie.

The dialog in this movie was not witty or clever. The plot was not existent. Having said that, this would make a great storyline for Half Life Three... Just replace the villains appropriately and proceed.

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Nice Adaptation, 16 August 2005

This movie does a nice job of rendering the book. Granted similar themes have been touched upon as to the aspects of childhood spies and such, but there are some deeper themes coming across that need to be remembered.

The Primary theme of this first volume of the Veritas Project addresses the growing problem in our schools of bullying and its consequences. Peretti isn't just blowing off steam because of a childhood experiences, he's drawing from the studies done in the recent school shootings throughout the United States.

The villain in this movie is obviously much more sinister and intelligent than some teenager with an ax to grind and a 30-06', but the point is still clearly made.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons this movie is rated so low; people like to guess at meanings. The fact is that this movie is aimed at younger audiences. The plots and meanings are supposed to be apparent; bullying someone can lead to that person doing horrible things.

This plays much like one of those after school specials that used to be so popular. Having established this fact, it is a very well done and suspenseful. If you're 20 and don't enjoy it; GOOD! If you're 15 or 16 and think that this is a good flick, then you're in the right vein.