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Wer (2013)
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An amazing "Wer" movie!, 16 March 2014

I was very shocked at how great this movie turned out! Not your typical Hollywoodized horror flick, but truly creative and an innovative approach! The characters were well thought out, the special effects didn't seem contrived or hokey, and the pace kept up. The choice for the main character, Brian Scott O'Connor was excellent, but I was disappointed that I couldn't find any more information on him other than his IMDb profile, which lists Wer as his only credit. Other than AJ Cook, who was great in "Criminal Minds", I was unfamiliar with most of the other actors in the film, but despite that, they all seemed to be seasoned veterans of the big screen. there wasn't much missing from this movie overall. Well done! can't wait for the sequel.

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Heart wrenching., 27 January 2013

Being a single Dad, I could feel the same emotions this guy was going through. The awkward relationship moments, the moments of hope when you think everything's gonna be okay, and then you get broadsided by some ridiculous turn of events that costs you your last few bucks. And all the while you've gotta figure out where to find food and shelter for your kid. Mark Webber has full-on captured this part of life. It was painful to watch, and I could have easily lost it and cried if had allowed myself that luxury, but like Mark in the movie, you don't always have that safe place to really let go and get it all out. What a great movie he has written and directed!