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A disenfranchised Viet Nam vet is forced to confront his own demons while trying to care for his buddy's daughter., 4 August 2005

I loved this movie. I hope everyone across America has the opportunity to see it. It had such depth- we're still talking about the thought-provoking issues raised. The topic is very timely. Anyone who has been in the military, or knows a veteran should relate to it. Especially post 9/11 and into Iraq, there has been more attention given to the Viet Nam war. The acting was terrific. I had only seen Danny Glover in action roles. He captured the character of a tormented loner amazingly well. The little girl is a treasure. Linda Hamilton is very believable as a tough Alaskan widow. The scenery is spectacular. I'd love to see it again, and have told dozens of friends and coworkers they need to see it when it comes out.